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Report: Bucks’ D-League Announcement Coming Wednesday in Oshkosh

Spoiler: The new team will probably be based in Oshkosh

NBA: USA TODAY Sports-Archive Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A report confirmed by Action 2 News in Oshkosh says that the Milwaukee Bucks are scheduled to make an announcement regarding their D-League team in Oshkosh this Wednesday. While this isn’t a confirmation that Oshkosh will be the official site of the Milwaukee Bucks’ D-League affiliate, it’s either a pretty strong affirmation or the greatest municipal troll job in state history. Either way, we’ll have an answer on Wednesday.

Initially, the Bucks organization heard pitches from several different cities across the state to host their new D-league team. They narrowed it down to Sheboygan, Racine and Oshkosh several months ago, and delayed the announcement of their D-League team that was scheduled for sometime before last Thanksgiving. It seems they’ve finally decided on a location fit for that long-awaited announcement, and it’s set to take place in Oshkosh.

Investors in the project are proposing a $15 million dollar investment in Oshkosh previously occupied by a furniture company. The capacity of the arena is supposed to 3,500 for basketball and up to 4,000 for concerts.

The location seems to make sense in the abstract, with its relatively close location to Milwaukee and ease of travel for any call-ups. This was considered one of the drawbacks to sites on the eastern side of the state, and Oshkosh seems to offer a happy medium with a fairly large city, in a populous area of the state with the Fox Valley area and the UW-Oshkosh campus all within driving distance.

We’ll circle back with any news from the announcement once it’s finished on Wednesday.