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Watch: Relive the 2016-17 Milwaukee Bucks Season

Grab your tissues folks, this one will leave you teary-eyed

The NBA season is long and arduous. Full of twists and turns, one seemingly pointless story can dominate the headlines for a week before being utterly scrapped the next. Such is the throes of paying attention day-in, day-out to the Milwaukee Bucks, whose swoons were generally followed by successes. It’s been a wacky ride, and David Dunn is here to strap us all back in to reminisce on the year that was with the video below.

His retrospective looks at Milwaukee’s seasons (and all his Bucks videos) are always appointment viewing, but the drama of this one feels particularly heightened given the Bucks’ DOA status in February when the Playoffs seemed like a pipe dream. Luckily, this tale finished with a happy ending with that playoff-clinching win over the Sixers on Saturday night.