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Say It Together: the Bucks Are In the Playoffs, and That’s Cool

For Bucks fans, this playoff series means more than just a few extra games.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at New York Knicks Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks are in the playoffs, and I think that is cool.

That’s a pretty bland take. Perhaps it’s an unfair summation of all the hard work the players and coaching staff have put in. It’s a little bit lazy, and that can be annoying. I’m sorry, but I assure you that it’s purposeful. Before we dive too deep into the series, let me touch on this simplicity.

We all have a story with the Bucks, right? It could have started decades ago at the team’s origins, or during the “Light it Up” years, or even once the 2017 Playoff seedings were finalized. The timing is may be important to you, but it isn’t critical; you’re here now and you’re (hopefully) excited. There’s tens of thousands of you, having written your own story up until this point, but right now you’ve all landed on the same page for a few weeks. Your credentials need not be checked nor verified. You’re here, rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks. You’re family.

Maybe this playoff berth is a little different for you. I’m one of those people still dealing with that reality. I suddenly lost my father a little over two years ago, just before the Bucks clinched their playoff berth. I remember that playoff series, and sometimes I don’t. I saw wins and I felt loss, that I’m sure of. What I do remember was the organization, media/blogworld members, and fans being extremely kind and supportive through it all. They didn’t need to be, but they were. They still are.

A lot has changed since that last playoff berth (sup, Greivis Vasquez, new arena), myself included. I’m sure you all have, too, whether that’s for better or worse, or both. The point is this: the Bucks are always going to be an equalizer for us. Whether or not it involves the playoffs (and let’s hope it does for the next 5-50 years), we’ll all be able to come back to this team and this game. I don’t mean that in a figurative sense, either. Have you seen that entertainment district being built?

Who knows how the Bucks will do against the Raptors? The winless series streak would be nice to snap. Can you imagine what playoff Giannis is going to be like? Or if Thon Maker blossoms?

Maybe they won’t win, though. It would suck, but maybe that’s okay. I don’t think it quite matters yet.

The Bucks are back in the playoffs, and simply, that is cool. Come and watch, will you?

Go Bucks.