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Jason Kidd Wins Coach of the Month Award for March

The Milwaukee Bucks won 14 games in March, leading the league.

Milwaukee Bucks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We all know that the Milwaukee Bucks have turned over a new leaf lately, and, coming off a hot month of play, it seems that the league has taken notice as well.

Many Bucks fans have their reservations with Jason Kidd’s coaching, particularly with his loyalty to a defensive scheme that has caused problems for the team or strategy when it comes to rotations. However, winning can cure (or at least, cover up) what ails you, and it’s cool to see the Bucks coach get recognized for the team’s performance. Put another way: if the coach is getting accolades, that means the team is doing something successful, which hasn’t been too frequent an occurrence for the Bucks of late.

The Bucks went 14-4 last month, and besides Giannis Antetokounmpo and his relentless ascension to superstardom, Milwaukee has been bolstered by Malcolm Brogdon’s continued rookie savvy, Thon Maker making a bunch of valuable contributions, and the successful reintegration of Khris Middleton as one of Milwaukee’s core players.

Now, Kidd and company turn their attention to the final five games of the season, and will likely enter the playoffs with a ton of momentum on their side. Who would have predicted this during the summer?

This is the third time Kidd has received Coach of the Month honors, the first two times coming in Brooklyn. Former Bucks coach Terry Stotts received the same honor for his job in the Western Conference with Portland.