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Malcolm Brogdon Joins ‘The Starters’ to Spice up his Wiki

The Bucks rookie supplied several illuminating tidbits about his life

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We rarely get a chance for insight into players’ lives outside of an occasional feature story or interview. Sometimes social media provides that insight, but even in those common interview sections, people rarely think to ask the hard questions. Thank goodness for The Starters. Malcolm Brogdon joined their show yesterday for a series of questions hoping to spice up his Wikipedia page with the type of minutiae we all crave.

Some of the answers weren’t all that surprising, I think we’re all pretty aware of his nickname being, “The President.” He said its origins date back to the draft combine interviews, where teams took to calling him that after they’d finished their discussion, often joking with Brogdon that they have their vote in 2020. Thankfully for Milwaukee, those empty promises felt positively in tune with politics, and those same teams decided to pass on Brogdon in the draft.

He furthered his worldly persona by saying that he would work for a non-profit that helped 3rd world countries were he not already a basketball player. A Presidential endeavor if ever I did hear one. He also admitted that his favorite player is Isaiah Thomas (the OG Detroit version), an intriguing choice given Brogdon’s work as a point guard this past year.

They also pulled some more random bits of trivia from him, including the fact his favorite pizza topping is plain cheese and his hidden talent is as a fisherman. The fact these mild answers play into the same measured personality he exhibits isn’t lost on me. Like I said above, the opportunity to learn even snippets about these guys outside of their hardwood lives is rare, so it’s well worth watching the full segment to get some greater insight into the rookie of the year candidate.