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2016-17 Milwaukee Bucks Best Moment Bracket Round Two: Viral Videos

Taking measure of our two finalists for best viral video

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Viral videos are ephemeral in nature, built to capture a moment but ultimately also being a product of said moment. They blow up, get lost in the sea of highlights drowning basketball twitter each night, and only a select few manage to maintain in our memories.

Milwaukee had plenty of memorable viral videos this year, but our first round of voting chopped off two favorites in Terry jumping on the scoreboard and Giannis threatening to punch Thon Maker after their stirring comeback over the detritus that is the Detroit Pistons. Now, that leaves us with Thon Maker crossing up Birdman and Brogdon’s Houdini slams over Kyrie and Lebron.

I was (perhaps properly) excoriated by several people for not including the Rashad Vaughn and Thon Maker dancing gif in the actual best moment bracket. In retrospect that was probably an oversight on my part. Adam Paris regrets the error.

For now though, lets get down to crowning a viral video champ.

Thon Maker Crossover vs. Brogdon Celebrity Dunks

Curiously, both of our entries happen to come from contests against the Cleveland Cavaliers this year. While both of Brogdon’s jams came in a losing effort, the only thing that made Thon Maker’s crossover possible was the fact Milwaukee built a sizable lead. Maker’s crossover also came at the expense of an aged Chris Andersen, who in all honesty, sorta looks like he could’ve fallen over if an eight-year-old pulled the same dribbling trick as Thon. It wasn’t a particularly graceful move, but the almost neverending nature to Andersen’s descent to the court make it hard to forget. Indeed it almost looks like Andersen is that character from the flash game QWOP, with his limbs being dastardly contorted on the court.

On the other hand, Brogdon’s dunks came against the top-line Cavaliers. Sure, their defensive effort may’ve waned in the regular season, but Lebron James doesn’t strike me as someone who enjoys being placed on a poster. Kyrie? Eh, he could probably care less. Either way, Brogdon’s jams were as surprising as they were stupendous.

Place your vote and decide which of these viral vids deserves to make it into the final four of our bracket.


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