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2016-17 Milwaukee Bucks Best Moment Bracket Round Two: Giannis Godliness

It’s the final day of round two and we’re ending it with the ever-amazing Giannis

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Philadelphia 76ers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Well friends, we’re now at the final day of round two voting for the best Bucks moment of the year. Our final four is nearly set, but we have to decide between two final flashes of greatness from the overflowing fountain of greatness that is Giannis Antetokounmpo. Somehow, we were forced to say goodbye to his dunk from the free throw line and Steph Curry planking on the court. Alas, even the greatest plays must depart in a bracket challenge, and we’re left with the best of Giannis’ best with a slot in the final four on the line.

MSG Game Winner vs. Double Clutch Dunk

The Madison Square Garden jumper represents a skill exhibited by many that we hope will one day become commonplace for Giannis. The double clutch dunk is a miraculous feat of athleticism attainable by practically no one that already feels like it belongs a number of silly pantheon plays for Giannis. Deciding between them is no small feat.

The game winner did feel remarkably more like a “moment” though, both among Bucks fandom and in Giannis career. I don’t want to steer people too far one way or the other, but Giannis confidently backing down and pulling up for this shot was something simply hadn’t seen much up to this point in his career.

Then again, as continues to be the case during this endeavor, the sheer incredulity of this dunk is hard to deny. A stellar highlight often seems to be at odds with a moment or series with significance, and sometimes that highlight is too spectacular to let fall by the wayside.

Let us know which moment you prefer in the poll below:


Better Bucks Moment?

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  • 69%
    MSG Game Winner
    (67 votes)
  • 30%
    Double Clutch Dunk
    (30 votes)
97 votes total Vote Now

That will be it for round two of our voting! We’ll be back Monday to kick off our final four, and by Wednesday, we’ll have a definitive answer for what was the best Bucks moment of the past year.