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Report: Milwaukee Bucks to Broaden Search for New General Manager

The Bucks will be casting a wider net than many presumed for their new general manager

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks-Press Conference Sam Caravana-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Marc Stein, the Milwaukee Bucks will be widening the scope of their search for a new general manager to a broader group of candidates beyond presumed GM-in-waiting Justin Zanik.

Stein later went on to elaborate that the search will be led by Special Assistant Rod Thorn, who many remember Milwaukee hired on as a special consultant back in September 2015. He has previous connections to Kidd, where he traded for the Bucks coach while serving as a GM of the New Jersey Nets. He also has ties to owner Marc Lasry.

Stein clarified that Zanik will reportedly be able to interview for the general manager job he thought would be his all along, he’ll just have some more friendly competition for the gig than he thought.

This development could conveniently nullify all of our Zanik speculation from our roundtable earlier today, but then again there’s still a chance he receives the job offer after all. I can’t imagine that’s precisely the way he hoped to find his way into the role though. Milwaukee’s move seems to muddy what’s already been an opaque and confusing front office dynamic, and their decision to open the search feels at odds with the clean succession plan they laid out just last summer. Perhaps something happened in the meantime to muck that up (beyond Hammond leaving of course), but one would’ve thought the hiring of Zanik meant they felt comfortable with him taking over the reins.

That could still be the case, but this preceding rigmarole to whoever is hired continues the bumpy hiring trend of new ownership that started with Kidd’s abrupt arrival in the first place.