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Site Announcements: Welcome our Newest Writers!

Brew Hoop announces four new contributors to the staff.

A few weeks back, we put out an announcement looking for people to join our team, and we’re happy to announce that Brew Hoop has added four writers to our staff! We expect a lot of great things from them (just like the Bucks!), and we wanted them to briefly introduce themselves to you.

GREG - @Greg_Licht

I've been a Bucks fan since my dad took me to a 2005 game against the Atlanta Hawks. All I wanted to see was a dunk in-person; we all remember our first and mine was Desmond Mason. Unfortunately, growing up in Illinois meant no way to watch the Bucks, so I relied on video games. I kept a spot on the roster for Mason in NBA Street V3 and a fantasy drafted Big 3 of Tim Duncan, Michael Redd, and Earl Boykins won many a NBA Live 2005 title. I moved to Milwaukee this past November after spending a year in Los Angeles and four years in Iowa City before that. I recently purchased season tickets in the nosebleeds, so come up to section 427 and say, "Hey" - the Miller Lite is on me!

SP Rowe

I’m a Milwaukee native and go way back with the Bucks. I mean way back! I was a wee lad when the Bucks started out in 1968. Yes, I admit it. I can name the Bucks initial starting lineup - Guy Rodgers, Johnny Mac, Wayne Embry, Fred Hetzel and .... well you get the idea. So I’ll probably be considered the old man of the staff. Of course I prefer the term “historian!” I’ve worked in news and sports for years. My longest stint in Wisconsin was working for WIZM and WKTY radio in Lacrosse. I co-hosted a sports show for years and spoke with figures like Barry Alvarez, Bo Ryan, Ray Allen, and many others. But for now .... I’m just looking forward to enjoying another golden age of Bucks basketball!

Eric - @erickriesel2

Having graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato last year, I now work for the Green Bay Press-Gazette newspaper, covering prep sports as well as other local sports teams. After living in Minnesota the last five years I have to say, it feels good to be back on the right side of the Mississippi! Basketball has always been my favorite sport and I am still bitter over the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals. Despite living in the Gopher State I still followed the Bucks as closely as I could (thanks, League Pass) and am excited to see what the future holds.

Kyle - @KyleCoche

My Milwaukee Bucks fandom began when I went to a game back in 2000 and saw Ray Allen shoot for the first time, and Joel Pryzbilla handed me his shoes and autographed it after the game. 17 years later, and that same enthusiasm still lives on despite a period of rough times. I just moved to Madison last August after living in St. Paul, so I can agree with Eric when he said it is good being on the right side of the Mississippi. I’m excited for the upcoming season and can’t wait to see the BC be Game 3 loud again.

Welcome, one and all! If you’re still out there and want to join the fun too, drop us a line via email or Twitter DM.