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Report: Milwaukee Bucks Call for Permission to Interview Several GM Candidates

The potential interviewees hail from Denver, Indiana, Sacramento and Atlanta

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski, the Milwaukee Bucks called for permission on several different potential candidates for their GM search currently in progress.

Indeed, if none of those seem like the “splashy” big name hires some may’ve suspected following the announcement they were opening the search to a broader audience, you’re probably not alone. Stefanski was actually a reported candidate for the Bucks’ assistant GM search a few seasons back. Wilcox recently “resigned” from his position with the Hawks earlier this month after they reconfigured their front office, as Mike Budenholzer stepped down from his position as President of Basketball Operations to focus on coaching. Wilcox reportedly remained on as a special adviser to the organization.

Stefanski’s connection to this search may stem partially from his connection to both Rod Thorn and Jason Kidd, per Marc Stein.

I know very little about the other two candidates, although this 2012 article paints Dinwiddie in a good light as a hardworking executive who worked his way up from ticket sales to becoming the man who ensured transactions would be viable under the CBA. Karnisovas played professionally in Europe before taking a job in the NBA’s Basketball Operations office. He moved on to scout for the Rockets before joining Denver as their current assistant GM. Considered one of the finalists for Brooklyn’s GM job last year, NetsDaily penned a quite helpful primer on the intriguing Karnisovas, who’s helped bring a plethora of quality international draft picks to Denver the last several years.

Again, all this means is that Milwaukee called for permission on these guys, and there’s no confirmation whether their teams will allow them to interview for the gig. As previously reported, Justin Zanik is still supposed to be interviewing for the job alongside whoever else they happen to bring in.