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Marquette’s Katin Reinhardt Attending Bucks Day 2 Draft Workouts

The Marquette guard joins five other collegiate seniors

It’s time for day two of the Bucks draft workouts, and this time they’ve welcomed in a familiar face to the crowd. Marquette’s Katin Reinhardt, a guard who transferred from USC, averaged 10.8 points, 2.7 rebounds and 2.1 assists as a senior. He’s joined by a host of other older collegiate players. Here’s the full lineup of players:

Tyler Cavanaugh (F, George Washington)

Lamond Murray Jr. (G/F, Pepperdine)

Reggie Upshaw (F, Middle Tennessee St.)

Katin Reinhardt (G, Marquette)

Jamel Artis (F, Pittsburgh)

Tai Webster (G, Nebraska)

DraftExpress has Artis ranked 19th among NCAA seniors, and Webster faced off against the Badgers the last few years, but that’s the only notable personal insight I have. Upshaw is the only other name that stuck out given Middle Tennessee State’s success in the tournament the last two years. Also, he helped them decimate the Golden Gophers this past year, and I will always appreciate that. Murray’s 21.4 points per game was 16th nationally and led the West Coast Conference.

Besides Artis, no one else is in any of DE’s rankings, and the Bucks will probably continue to bring in the elder collegiate statesmen, particularly in the early going. For now though, at least locals can perk their ears up at recognizing one name on the list.