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2016-17 Milwaukee Bucks Best Moment Bracket Day 7: Giannis Godliness

Help us decide what act best defined Giannis’ ascendance this year

NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Well we’re on day seven of our best Bucks moment bracket, and it’s now time to get to presumably the most anticipated, and contested, section of our field. Giannis Godliness seems like hyperbole, but it’s not. If Grantland Rice got to compare old-ass white football players to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, we can absolutely consider Giannis next to Godliness. Here are two of the most deistic moments of Giannis season up against one another today.

MSG game winner vs. Steph Curry planks for runaway Giannis slam

It felt as if his whole career was building to this point. the time when he definitively became “the man” and carried this Bucks team to victory with a single buzzer-beating basket. That instant came the moment he pulled up for a jumper in the NBA’s hallowed ground, Madison Square Garden. Never mind the fact it came against the lowly New York Knicks, the mere fact he buried it was all fans needed.

His reticence for late game heroics had been a consistent, unfortunate footnote in his career to this point, and this shot swept away that postscript for a while. It may not have been his greatest game of the season, but it may’ve been the brightest flashbulb of his season.

Giannis play in the All-Star game was unfortunately obscured by the fervor over whether the All-Star game had perished due to the absence of defense from the whole affair. However, he boasted several of the games most outrageous highlights, none more so than his breakaway dunk whereby the reigning MVP literally laid down on the floor in submission as Giannis bounded past him for a slam.

Think of the objective imagery of this sequence for a second. This is the first unanimous MVP in league history literally laying down on the ground like a submitting animal to the leader of its pack. Playing to the crowd was certainly part of it, but the mere fact he gave up to let Giannis continue past him unimpeded provided a tidy metaphor for Giannis’ growing leaguewide importance and the utter lack of defense throughout the contest.

Oh ya, then he cut Curry’s spice by climbing over his back like a spider monkey and jamming on his cranium. The reactions were quite spicy.

Somehow decide which Giannis moment is more awesome? Let us know in the poll below:


Better Bucks Moment?

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  • 65%
    MSG Game Winner
    (86 votes)
  • 34%
    Turning Curry to Mush during ASG
    (46 votes)
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Once more the voting for this category will remain open for 24 hours. We’re nearing the end of our initial round of moments, but tomorrow will feature our final two Giannis entries.

And of course, I leave you with the Giannis moment left on the cutting room floor, but still in our hearts. The range of motion required for the following play is something I’m fairly certain would dislodge my arm from its socket. Thanks for powering our basketball-depraved offseason souls with the backdraft from your dunk Giannis.