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Bucks Block Party Bonanza

We going back to the MECCA y’all!

On Saturday, the Milwaukee Bucks hosted their third annual Block Party, and Brew Hoop was on the scene! There was dancing...

...promises of free beverages...

...and some basketball action of our own...

Greg was able to catalogue some of the major events of the day, and post them here for anybody who couldn’t attend/doesn’t live in Milwaukee.

The Main Event

A little after 2:00pm the crowd got on their feet as the reveal that had been teased all afternoon was finally coming to fruition. Amid a flurry of confetti (on a very windy afternoon) it was finally announced:

This was the first special reveal for the 50th Anniversary season of the Milwaukee Bucks. It didn’t have the most uproarious reaction in the moment, but as the hype for The MECCA game builds it will certainly lend itself to fan and media buzz. Sacrificing 7,000ish paying customers to host a regular season game at a former venue is the ultimate kind of throwback; the tickets will be a hot commodity. I, along with others at the block party, hope that the team will wear era-appropriate uniforms for this special event. Without knowing which teams will be coming to town this Fall, I hope that the Washington Wizards are the team for The MECCA game, seeing as they were the final victims for the 1971 NBA Championship squad. It wasn’t the most Earth shattering announcement but the excitement will build as the calendar moves closer to The MECCA game date.

Here is the video of the announcement (for the impatient, skip ahead to 2:45):

Block party announcement LIVE!!!

Posted by on Saturday, June 10, 2017

Other Things

Desmond Mason shared a story about how he was unsure of his fit in Milwaukee within the first week post-Ray Allen trade. Mason was in his hotel room when it was “snowing sideways” and he didn’t feel right about his situation. It took him another week to get out and experience the city, and by doing so, he felt at home and one with the Milwaukee community.

There was a half-court setup for people to shoot-around on; Rashad Vaughn partook and put up some shots with fans. A half hour later the court was taken over by TRAMPOLINE DUNKS:

Malcolm Brogdon got up on stage and spoke about his successful first year in the NBA:

All in all, the block party was a fine way to spend a hot, windy afternoon in Milwaukee. The unbelievably soft grass in Schlitz Park held a majority of the fans as the speakers, live music, and announcements were made. What the event lacked in registering on the Richter Scale of excitement, it made up for in anticipation of what should be a fine season for the team and helped quench a month long thirst for Bucks basketball.