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2017 NBA Draft - Brew Hoop Community Draft Board: Jonathan Isaac slides to #7

The defensive-minded prospect with a high motor is the next off the board

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With many of the top six selections flashing impressive offensive abilities, the Brew Hoop Community’s seventh selection projects to be an impactful defensive player immediately. Seemingly hand selected attributes to fit the Bucks defensive scheme are promising enough to make the seventh pick: Jonathan Isaac - SF/PF, Florida State.

Isaac is the first player since Josh Jackson, the forward from Kansas, whose defensive abilities leap off the page before his offensive ones. Measuring almost 6’11” with a 7’1” wingspan immediately intrigues Bucks fandom who’ve grown to love and covet lengthy, high-upside athletes. Isaac’s size and spread is coupled with an impressive speed and quickness on the perimeter. He would constantly switch onto guards with ease at the college level, suffocating the smaller players with his arms and sticking with them laterally.

At only 205 pounds Isaac needs to pack on some weight to better his defensive game inside where he’ll struggle to guard thicker power forwards. Many teams may project him as a possible small-ball 5, but Isaac will need to bulk up to stand his ground against hulking small-ball fives like Draymond Green or against more traditional bigs like Tristan Thompson. He’ll turn 20 years old on October 3rd, so he’s a bit older than many one-and-done prospects, but he should be able to stiffen up his trunk over time.

On both the perimeter and inside Isaac’s capable of guarding many player types one-on-one, but even if he finds himself disadvantaged, his quickness and length are reliable safety nets to help him recover. Those same attributes helped him put up a 6.2 block percentage and a 2.4 steal percentage for 2.2 blocks and 1.7 steals per 40, pace adjusted, as a Seminole, according to and DraftExpress. The eye test suggests Isaac would slot in quite easily in the Bucks scrambling defensive scheme where he can quickly recover to the back side, shift over and bog down opposing passing lanes as soon as he enters the league.

Another impressive and reliable marker that usually translates to the Association are Isaac’s rebounding numbers where he averaged 2.6 offensive and 8.9 defensive rebounds per 40, pace adjusted, with a 7.7% offensive and 25% defensive rebounding rate. Isaac’s drive and relentlessness make him a handful on the boards, and he shows an ability to be in good position and find the ball. His smaller frame and small hands are hindrances to his rebounding and may hurt him against other great rebounders in the NBA.

On the offensive end Isaac is fairly raw, but he put up a 118.8 offensive rating for Florida State on the season, so despite only averaging 12 points per game the numbers suggest he’s having a solid impact. Isaac’s limited ball handling and playmaking hinder his ability to create his own offense, and that’s a primary factor as to why he can disappear on offense for long stretches in games. His elite speed is a dangerous weapon in transition and when he finds an open lane to cut through in the half court, but as soon as the ball is in his hands that speed depreciates quickly. He’ll need to shore up those handles to make him an even greater threat in the open floor when he snags a rebound and looks for the quick attack.

Isaac tended to work off ball primarily. Nearly half of his shots at the rim were assisted where he shot a fantastic 70%; additionally, 84% of his 3s were assisted and he shot a solid 35% from behind the arc. His form is solid and consistent, especially in a catch-and-shoot situation, as seen in his 78% free throw percentage as well. He put up a 61% true shooting percentage and a 57% effective field goal percentage on his lone season so there’s a solid base of offensive and long-range success for Isaac that should translate well over time.

Isaac still has holes in his game, but he’ll enter the league as a plug-and-play defensive prospect with a developing offensive game and an explosive athleticism that’ll help him recover. He should be able to develop into a successful 3-and-D player who could slot in as a small-ball five and may be able to guard almost every position on the court in a switchy system.

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