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2017 NBA Draft Open Thread

Share your thoughts, feelings, life story and other relevant draft comments tonight

The ping pong balls have been chosen. There’s been madness at the top of the draft. Somehow we’ve even ended up with the exact same order at the top four selections in tonight’s proceedings. Still, there are few nights quite like the NBA draft in our professional basketball calendar. Everything’s on the table, and one never knows when a team will make some miraculous selection (Thon Maker qualifies) that starts some disturbing ripple effect that shatters mock drafts everywhere.

Milwaukee is selecting 17th and 48th overall tonight, in the first draft helmed by newly minted GM Jon Horst. We’re all waiting on bated breath together at this point, so let’s chew on our fingernails while typing our rapid thoughts to every pick in tonight’s draft. Here’s all of our draft coverage in case you missed it:

We’ll have new posts throughout the night about each of the Bucks selections for everyone to weigh in on, and stay tuned for more in-depth coverage tomorrow about tonight’s proceedings. Here are the details for how to tune in to the draft:

What: 2017 NBA Draft

When: Thursday, June 22, 7:00 PM ET


Live Stream: