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Milwaukee Bucks Unveil Summer League Roster

Rashad Vaughn is back again!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Celtics Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Typically, a third trip to summer league for a player is thought of as a death knell for their career. You hear those bells ringing? Well, Rashad Vaughn can’t, because I’m sure he’s too busy listening to something and getting hype for his third trip in as many seasons back to the gym that made him famous enough to get drafted #17 overall. Yes, it’s nearly summer league season folks, and the Milwaukee Bucks have unveiled their full roster for the upcoming Las Vegas festivities.

Several of these guys were mentioned in Riley’s Monday Morning Media Roundup earlier in the week, but the more notable names are of course first round pick D.J. Wilson and holdovers from last year’s roster, Gary Payton II, Thon Maker and ‘SHAAAAADDDD. It also includes former UW point guard Bronson Koenig, who has reportedly signed a two-way contract with the Bucks and should get plenty of time to run the point this summer with Malcolm Brogdon left off the squad. Brogdon’s absence isn’t necessarily surprising given his age, playing time last year and the fact he just won the freaking rookie of the year award. I’m most intrigued to see how Thon Maker holds up. He faded as summer league went on last year but after his time in Milwaukee’s strength program, he should be more than attuned to whatever “rigors” he’ll face in Vegas.

Fans may also recognize Travis Trice’s name, as he played on the Bucks summer squad last season. Additionally, the team will be coached by the young coach Josh Broghamer. Sean Sweeney helmed the summer league team last year to little success, so we’ll see whether the latest whiz kid from Milwaukee’s staff has more magic than his predecessor.

For those concerned that second round pick Sterling Brown isn’t mentioned here, that’s largely due to the fact Milwaukee still hasn’t officially announced him as a member of the organization yet. Rest assured, once he’s aboard, he will most likely join the team out in Vegas and round out the roster.

Here are a listing of the initial games in Vegas for the Bucks, with two more guaranteed to come after tournament seeding is determined:

Friday, July 7: Bucks vs. Cavs, 5:30 PM on ESPN 2

Sunday, July 9: Bucks vs. Nets, 5:00 PM on NBA TV

Monday, July 10: Bucks vs. Clippers, 9:00 PM on ESPN 2