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Monday Morning Media Roundup: June 5th, 2017

It’s like a drought before a storm out here!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s just be frank with one another, shall we? Things were a little light this week for the media roundup. The news lit up last week with the twists and turns of Milwaukee’s search for a new general manager, but since the latest update on “finalists” a few days ago, there’s been close to nothing else of real note going on for Milwaukee.

And so this week we’ll include a few related articles, and I’m going to toss a piece of social media or two in there for you as well. It isn’t much, but it should tide us over until the official hiring of a GM hopefully by mid-week and the windfall of news/analysis it will bring with it.

Wish us luck, because this week is going to be a bumpy ride!

Let’s roundup!

30 teams in 30 days: Milwaukee Bucks offseason preview (FanSided)

Who doesn’t love themselves a good offseason preview? You’re going to get a chance at some cap-ology with this one trying to navigate the dollar possibilities available to Milwaukee as they balance keeping their current core while trying to upgrade for next season.

The gist of the story? Milwaukee is quite at the mercy of the likes of Greg Monroe, Spencer Hawes, and Tony Snell. What they do with their contracts could leave Milwaukee with a dearth of cap space, or the team may have a whole new slate of cash to fill the team out with come free agency.

Potential Bucks draft pick profile: Jarrett Allen (FOX)

Oh, hey, I totally forgot that the NBA Draft is only a little more than two weeks away! And without a real GM at the helm, we don’t really have a clue in the world who the Bucks might be going for or what their draft strategy may be.

I’m not trying to imply that those are bad things, necessarily, but we’re only sort of looking at probably what is the most critical turning point in recent franchise history. Keep nailing the draft down semi-consistently, and this team may be set to flourish for more than a decade behind Giannis & Co. Fail to surround him with talent, and maybe sticking with Milwaukee won’t be nearly as great as it sounded previously.

No pressure, Bucks!

Rumor Central: Bucks won't consider Jason Kidd for GM job (ESPN)

I’m sure the above already made waves when it first dropped, but I’ll put it in there to calm the nerves/reduce the heartburn some readers may have about considering Jason Kidd moving on up to the executive suite at least for now.

Of course, in the same article above, it states that Kidd will be meeting with candidates to ensure that there is a “good working relationship” in place. So, I’m guessing that means Kidd will continue to be around, regardless of the GM hire? Huh.

And now a fine selection of Instagram posts in a section I’ll call “Where are the Bucks vacationing as of their latest ‘gram?”.

Ball Game ⚾️

A post shared by Thon Maker (@thonmaker) on

Thon is still in Milwaukee catching a Brewers game, some sun, and probably lifting a barbell right off camera.

AntetokounBros are in Santorini!!!!#AntetokounBros @thanasis_ante43

A post shared by Giannis Antetokounmpo (@giannis_an34) on

Looks like Giannis is out enjoying his world travels spending time with brother Thanasis. Oh, and now he’s a semi-official spokesperson for Thanasis’s team, Andorra:

Jabari Parker: Warrior Poet, continuing to do his thing while going through another round of rehab.

A post shared by Khris Middleton (@k_mid22) on

The caption to the post is simply an emoji of an ocean wave. How that is supposed to help us in tracking Khris Middleton down, I don’t know. At least he’s enjoying some nice weather, and hopefully not playing too close to the Great Whites.

Thanking the man up above for allowing me to see another year! #27 #maybachmoose

A post shared by Greg Monroe (@moosemonroe15) on

Happy birthday, Greg Monroe! Please decide what you want to do with your contract soon! But hopefully you enjoyed your day!

A post shared by matthewdelly (@matthewdelly) on

There really isn’t any proof that Matthew Dellavedova caught this fish himself. Instead, I’d like to believe he is the type to pet and comfort things caught off his boat before they release the catch back to the wild. Oh Delly, you sweetheart.

The most amazing city on this planet ✌ ✌ ✌

A post shared by Mirza Teletović NBA Player (@mirzateletovic12) on

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the Bucks are paying Mirza Teletovic good money to wear their jersey. That’s okay, though, because he put up this pretty great shot of what the comments would suggest is his hometown, Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A fun fact about Jablanica according to its Wiki page: “Risovac is a settlement in the municipality, located on a plateau outside of the city, it has several attractions. It is the site of two necropolises, both locations filled with medieval tombstones known as Stećci.”

The more you know.

We’ll cut if off there for now. A little light on the reading, but a lot heavier on pretty pictures of places ranging from Miller Park to central Bosnia. Am I little disappointed we didn’t get any classic “hard at work in the gym” shots? Yes, yes I am. But, there’s plenty of summer ahead for the Bucks, and plenty of time to get some clichéd pictures up for us to enjoy.

How about for this week’s prediction, I determine when the Bucks will finalize their hire? My reading of the tea leaves and overall feeling leaves me inclined towards Tuesday afternoon/evening. The rationale is simply a feeling that the ownership has a general idea who they’d like, and just want to get a confirmation for where they’re leaning by interviewing the finalists. It wouldn’t shock anyone to see a hire emerge shortly after interviews conclude Tuesday in New York City. At least, we hope that’s the case.

And so the roundup comes once more to a close. Let’s all take a page out of the players’ handbooks and enjoy the sunshine and summer breezes wherever we are, shall we?

Happy Monday!