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Bucks vs Kings: Thoughts and Tidbits

Sloppy and frantic (so basically your normal LVSL game)

NCAA Basketball: AAC Conference Tournament-Cincinnati vs SMU David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some observations from the Bucks’ loss to Sacramento on Wednesday night.

  • I’m upset De’Aaron Fox wasn’t playing cause I’m a fan of his.
  • The Bucks went the whole first quarter without scoring outside the paint or a free throw.
  • The off ball movement in the first quarter was a positive sight to see as it led to easy baskets.
  • The Bucks shooting in the first quarter was worse tonight than Friday’s game which I didn’t think was possible.
  • It’s been said multiple times before but Sterling Brown might be a steal and fans will love him.
  • It was a tough shooting night for Vaughn but that didn’t stop him from attacking the rim which was encouraging.
  • Gary Payton II once again didn’t do much to hurt chances he even hit a corner 3 for good measure
  • President Peter Feign mentioned how the FO was surprised at how strong D.J. Wilson is which brought out a lot of confusion on Bucks twitter.
  • The Bucks had nobody with the size to match up with Skal or Papagiannis.
  • Just like the NBA squad, the Bucks best offense is its defense getting steals.
  • This was the second game in a row that Milwaukee couldn’t hold on to the lead when it mattered.
  • Giannis got robbed at the ESPY’s. That is all.