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Vegas Summer League: Bucks vs. Jazz Game Thread

Enjoy Bucks basketball while you can, here’s your last drop for a while

MLB: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve reached the final game of yet another disappointing Milwaukee Bucks summer league performance. What started out as a whimper showed brief signs of life before crawling into whatever deep dark hole that Kings came qualified as. Regardless, this is our last chance to band together and cheer on a Bucks basketball team until October, so let’s enjoy this shall we. They’re facing yet another winless squad, this time the Utah Jazz, and I’d rather not have the dubious honor of providing two winless teams in a row with their first win in Vegas. Bring us home Bucks.

Bucks Player to Watch: D.J. Wilson

It’s been a peculiar, up-and-down Summer League for the Bucks first round pick, but he’s flashed some intriguing wing-type tools for such a tall fellow. He’s a tad too prone to pull-up from midrange, but it’s been enjoyable to watch him try and work out there against defender and sweep around them to get to the cup. Splashing home a few more jumpers would really send us into the real basketball dead period with optimism and fuzzy feelings.

Jazz Player to Watch: Donovan Mitchell

To be honest, I know practically nobody else on the Jazz Summer League roster outside of Nigel Williams-Goss and Tony Bradley, and the latter is only because I watched the draft. Even then though I didn’t even know who he was. Donovan Mitchell has been lighting up the summer league, posting 37 points and 8 steals against the Grizz, and people are proclaiming him the perfect cure for the Gordan Hayward hangover that may be lingering in the high altitude of Salt Lake. So, instead of watching anyone on the Jazz roster that’s playing tonight, I recommend just checking out this dope highlight video if you’re looking to parse anything from their squad.

Broadcast and, as always, predicted lineup information is below.