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Monday Morning Media Roundup: July 17th, 2017

Insert your Derrick Rose outrage here...

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NBA: New York Knicks at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that, we're right back to our previous inert state again. The Milwaukee Bucks’ Summer League team performed rather poorly and earned a deserving 1-4 record in SL play for their troubles. Some guys flashed promising signs (Sterling Brown anyone?) while others had plenty of nights they'd rather forget (psst, Thon Maker). Good or bad, Milwaukee's time in the sunshine is once more at an end, and we gather here this Monday morning with no more active basketball to be played.

No, I'm not crying, you're crying!

Yet, even without on-court proceedings to discuss, the Roundup must trudge on, and trudge on it shall. There was plenty to rankle Bucks fans the past week: Derrick Rose is a continuing story, the Bucks have to figure out how they'll free up enough salary to sign him if they so choose, the arena quickens pace and a bit more. Without further ado, let's just get into and get it over with, shall we?

Let's roundup!

Report: Bucks, Derrick Rose have mutual interest, but no meeting scheduled (CBS Sports)

For those who may be more inclined against bringing Rose to Milwaukee: Rejoice! While there had been earlier reports of a second meeting between the two parties already in the books, it appears that was a hasty assumption.

Instead, the Bucks have yet to pursue another sit-down. Of course, a key part to the above headline is the phrase, "mutual interest”, which can either give you the warm fuzzies or a chill down your spine depending on your position. For now, rest easy knowing there hasn't been a new Rose development, but be weary: Things can happen quickly when billionaire owners want them to.

Report: Bucks and John Henson want him traded (NBC Sports/ESPN)

In relation to the Rose news comes some reports that long-time Buck John Henson is ready for a change of scenery, and the Bucks appear ready to appease his demands.

Henson, who has been a Bucks staple since being drafted in the 2012 NBA Draft, has never been able to breakout meaningfully either as a competent starter or as a tool off the bench. Personally, I'm more offended he didn't make any of his six three-point attempts in his career thus far, but maybe he's just waiting for a new team to show off that part of his game.

Don't write your Henson in memoriams just yet. He's got three years and $32 million still left on his current deal, and while it isn't necessarily impossible to move a contract in today’s cap-conscious NBA, you've got to be ready to part with serious assets to do so. John Henson may ride the bench yet again this coming year regardless of how he feels.

New $524M arena has Milwaukee Bucks angling for new fans — in Chicago (Chicago Tribune)

How would you feel if more Chicago Bulls red shirseys were visible in the new arena's stands? And no, in this perpetual hell the Bucks won't be playing the Bulls every night to justify these Illinois-based fans. Instead, their presence will be purposeful, encouraged even.

That's the grand plan ownership envisions for the team in its new home in the coming years. Long have there been ideas geared towards drumming up interest in the fan base situated between Milwaukee and Chicago and thus between state lines.

The Bucks plan on gearing a good bit of marketing towards those northern Illinites who are so inclined for a night out watching professional basketball without having to navigate downtown Chicago. Will it work? That remains to be seen, but prepare to overhear a bit more talk about long-passed glory, the competency of the present, and the aspirations of the future of another NBA team in Milwaukee's home court soon.

It's sticker shock vs. enhanced experience as Milwaukee Bucks pitch season ticket plans (Journal Sentinel)

An unfortunate reality in the world of basketball is the rocketing ticket prices prevalent in every NBA town. We've all heard horror stories about the gentrification running rampant around the Golden State Warriors, and a steep rise in seat prices appears on the horizon for the Bucks.

Price increases regardless of seat are in the works, so get ready to shell out a few more dollars if you'd like to see the Bucks (hopefully) put together some competitive basketball. Worry not, though: If the team ends up being unwatchable once again you'll have no trouble finding dirt-cheap scalper tickets the night of no matter what the team would like you to pay.

Looking back at today’s Bucks in the NBA Summer League (FOX)

In honor of Summer Leagues gone by, we present this final article looking back on some of the notable performances in Vegas of current Bucks. Revel in the memories (or get caught up with players drafted by other teams) for they're almost all universally more positive to think about than that ignominious 1-4 outing by the current team's iteration.

Well, I sincerely wish I could give you guys meaningful predictions this week, but we've really got nothing to wager on. Guessing whether or not Derrick Rose becomes a Milwaukee Buck before the week is out is far too unpalatable, Greg Monroe and John Henson have seemed untradable for years and so their futures seem set, and no one else comes to mind for trades or signings.

Such is the life of a Bucks fan.

Don't let all that get you down; instead, now is as good a time as ever to generally tune out, enjoy the Summer, and return for training camp only to find out that Rose has a for-life contract and a future stake in ownership lined up. Only positive thoughts here!

Rose-tinted or Rose-less future notwithstanding, go out, have a wonderful day and week, and of course:

Happy Monday!