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Monday Morning Media Roundup: July 24th, 2017

Jon Horst: In His Own Words

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks-Press Conference Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

Who IS Jon Horst? The REAL Jon Horst, I mean. Yes, he's the General Manager of the Milwaukee Bucks, and yes, he's able to utter every meaningless platitude you could hope for from your top executive. But if you got him alone in a room for, say, nine minutes and just talked, how would he come off?

We spectators aren't afforded the chance to corner Horst, but others with a larger platform can, and Chris Mannix (of The Vertical fame) did just that. Jon joined Mannix's radio program, the aptly named “Chris Mannix Show”, to chat Bucks, basketball, and the pursuit of happiness. And so we bring that to you this morning for your listening pleasure.

Beyond Horst there's a trove of other stories of note: D.J. Wilson went under the analytical magnifying glass once more, Jabari Parker bought a power plant, and Desmond Mason made a stop in town.

Let's roundup!

The Chris Mannix Show - Jon Horst Joins the Show (NBC Sports)

There isn't too much in the way of shocking that came out of Horst's interview with Chris Mannix, but at least it is a discussion taking place anywhere other than courtside during an NBA Summer League game.

So sit down, put your headphones in, and listen to Jon Horst - Milwaukee GM - in his own words. He learned from the best when it comes to phrases and statements that give away little to nothing, but search through all the noise and you may find something of worth underneath it all.

D.J. Wilson Is Milwaukee's Next Positionless Freak (VICE Sports)

Please share with us a moment of silence for the untimely demise of VICE Sports who shuttered its operations last week. Before it came to its end, their Michael Pina did us the honor of putting together a piece on D.J. Wilson.

Wilson, in his estimation, doesn't have the sheer upside of Giannis Antetokounmpo or the athletic tools of Thon Maker, but he may just be the perfect fit for a team devoid of shooting yet still slavishly attracted to length at every position.

He's still an unknown quantity at this point, but it is fun to dream, isn't it?

Desmond Mason paints mural at local youth organization, talks art and Bucks (

It has been fascinating and encouraging to see Desmond Mason's continuing success in retirement as an artist, and always warming to see him bring his talents once more to Milwaukee.

Mason, who has been working with a variety of foundations and youth programs in Milwaukee, had a chance to sit down with to discuss some of his latest works, his take on the Bucks and what's up next for him.

Bucks foundation hikes youth and community grants to $1M (Milwaukee Business Journal)

In a tangent to the above, the Milwaukee Bucks announced last week that they would be upping their charitable donations to groups throughout the community by partnering with a variety of youth health and wellness groups in the city.

While it took the Foundation a bit of time to ramp up funding since its inception with the team's change of ownership, it has increased donations each year since 2015. One can only hope this is the starting point of much more for the team's contributions to Milwaukee at-large.

Utah Jazz reportedly to bolster front office with hires of Justin Zanik, David Morway (Deseret News)

If the above names sound familiar, you're not going mad: Zanik and Morway were the last two assistant-GMs in Milwaukee, and both recently left the team (after the leapfrogging of Zanik for Horst as GM and a decision to forgo re-upping Morway).

Now it appears Zanik will be returning to his Utah roots and Morway will become a permanent fixture in Salt Lake City after a year as a team consultant. Such are the firing and hiring ways of the NBA. Here's wishing the best to them and the Jazz heading forward!

Maker Training With Antetokounmpo is Bucks’ Dream Scenario (Basketball Insiders)

Much was made of Thon Maker's announcement before retiring from this year's Summer League that he was flying back to Milwaukee to join Giannis for intensive training together.

While we wait for some sort of legendary tales of the one-on-one duels that certainly ensued to trickle out, thinking of how Maker shall fit with Antetokounmpo is a worthwhile experiment. The need is obvious: A big man who can stretch the floor, run in transition and clean up the defensive end so that Giannis isn't doing everything could be a huge difference maker.

But if Thon doesn't progress much more from the state he was in at the end of last season (minutes notwithstanding), would that be enough? Who knows, but maybe this summer will bring the two closer into sync on and off the court in a positive way.

Jabari Parker’s New Bachelor Pad (Urban Milwaukee)

Ever wonder what NBA money could buy you in the way of residences in the Milwaukee-area? Well then go ahead and behold the glory of Jabari Parker's newest home:

Photo by Michael Horne

A, uh, former power plant building! Look at all that character! Think of the possibilities! It even comes with a van! All it needs is a little TLC and an infusion of ~$55,000 to begin interior renovations.

Jabari has always had good taste, so I'm sure whatever direction he goes in will look incredible once it is all set and done. Things just look a little...rough from the exterior.

I scoured the internet low and high in an attempt to find what odds Vegas has up regarding the possibility of Kyrie Irving being a Buck before the season starts. You'll be shocked to find that I was unable to come upon a number, and that's okay since I don't really understand gambling odds.

For those that do, however, please enlighten us in the comments, and give your best guess at where you think those numbers lie. I'm coming down on the side of Irving not moving from Cleveland to Milwaukee any time soon, but we’re in the Horst-era, and dammit, anything is possible these days. There's just something about Kyrie that screams “#BucksDNA”; the team would have no problem fitting him into a self-generated narrative about the roster, I'm sure.

Flat Earth or round, Kyrie Irving or no, Monday morning or otherwise, I can only wish you all the best start to the week possible. Keep cool, continue enjoying the weather wherever you happen to be, and as ever:

Happy Monday!