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Monday Morning Media Roundup: July 3rd, 2017

Summer League, naming rights, and the Herd’s front office

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MLB: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The rest of the NBA is quickly signing up a host of free agents, some to good deals, some to what may end up being not so good. For the Milwaukee Bucks, it appears that, for now, they’ve got their guy in Tony Snell, bringing him back on a four year, $44 million deal right as free agency officially began. There’s a chance that someone may get moved to make space for another signing, but for now, it is most likely safe to assume that the Bucks are standing pat.

With that in mind, we turn our sights one final time here at the roundup on Summer League and, in passing, the G-League. Summer’s spotlight will now turn towards the youngest members of the roster, and we’re largely going to stick to that angle this week. Get ready, because basketball is upon us once again!

Let’s roundup!

Jovan Alford: Milwaukee Bucks Summer League Team Filled With G Leaguers (Ridiculous Upside)

Watching the newest batch of draft picks perform in their first live action in Milwaukee uniforms has always been the main draw of Summer League in the past. Unlike in previous years, though, the Bucks now have a G-League team full of roster spots needing filling, and some of those down in Las Vegas may have a good chance of seeing regular action up the road in Oshkosh when the season kicks off.

Former Badger Bronson Koenig leads the way as the candidate most likely to spend time with the Wisconsin Herd (thanks to his purported two-way contract), but others such as JeQuan Lewis and Reggie Upshaw certainly aren’t slouches.

This time around, enjoy the stylings of Thon Maker and third-year LVSL veteran Rashad Vaughn, but keep an eye to the rest of the roster as well.

D.J. Wilson finds the right fit with Milwaukee Bucks (Journal Sentinel)

A longer read making the rounds this past week, but one worth a look at regardless.

DJ Wilson’s path to Milwaukee wasn’t obvious even directly before the draft began, but as the selection fades into the rear-view, it really isn’t shocking that GM Jon Horst went for a player former GM John Hammond might swing for. A lanky forward who may have loads of potential, though with questions of whether his slight build may prohibit him from rebounding and undercut his defense is almost stereotypical Milwaukee Bucks.

The Journal Sentinel’s Matt Velasquez takes the time to parse out Wilson’s path through the pre-Draft process and what being in the NBA has been like so far. If you want to learn a little more about the newest first-round pick, here’s your chance!

Bucks Bolster Basketball Operations Staff (

This one had the potential of flying a little under the radar, but with Horst’s moving up from the ranks of the organization there comes a new slate of promotions and hires.

You’ll get plenty of bio/background info on the Wisconsin Herd’s new GM Dave Dean, the Bucks VP of Global Scouting Ryan Hoover and the Head of Scouting Matt Bollero.

It will take a little bit to see how these hires will shift Milwaukee’s priorities, but now you’ve got names to research and space to conjecture about why they’ll lead us to a championship or into abject failure.

Rumor Central: Jason Terry hopes to return to Bucks next season (ESPN)

For those of you who enjoyed Jason Terry’s contributions as the veteran voice of the locker room last season: Rejoice!

Of course, I’d love to come back to Milwaukee too if I thought they’d be willing to pay me the most out of any team, and with the Bucks flirting with the luxury tax, bringing Terry back may not be a viable option.

Maybe Jason would be willing to take a two-way contract with the Herd? We’ve got to get creative if head coach Jason Kidd makes bringing him back a top priority.

Milwaukee Bucks seek naming rights deal for new downtown arena (WTMJ)

The new building is quickly coming together downtown, but it still lacks a name other than the uninspiring “New Bucks Arena”. Well, if you’re a firm looking to have your name plastered on the side of a slab of architecture in downtown Milwaukee, you’ll have your chance for a price:

How does $6 million a year for 20 years sound to you?

That’s roughly in the ballpark of what the Bucks and team President Peter Feigin are looking for to reach a deal. Sacramento’s recent deal for about the same amount ($120 million over 20 years) is pointing the way, though which suitors, if any, have come forward is still unclear.

The most difficult part about the offseason is the lack of worthy things for me to prognosticate about. There just really isn’t much worth wagering on: How many years Michael Beasley will get on his next contract? Whether Jason Terry becomes the head coach of the Wisconsin Herd? If the Sun will engulf Milwaukee before Rashad Vaughn no longer needs to go to Summer League? Jason Terry becomes the head coach of the Wisconsin Herd?

How about this: The Bucks Summer League team will win two out of their scheduled three pre-tournament games, though I won’t select which opponents. We’ve got high-flying Italians, recent college seniors-turned-sorta-pros, and Thon Maker. There will be a flukey loss in there, but I’m going to keep the faith in Milwaukee.

As usual, sit back, relax, and grab some snacks because all eyes turn to Las Vegas this Friday. We’ll see you there.

Happy Monday!