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Brew Hoop Summer Mailbag: Call for Questions

Pile your questions into our grab bag

Besides the latest proclamation from Giannis Antetokounmpo declaring he could be MVP as soon as this year and the light rumblings surrounding Milwaukee and the potential acquisition of dribbling fiend and iso-dynamo Kyrie Irving, the last few weeks have been relatively light on Bucks news. In those moments, it's useful to stretch our limited wingspans and corral whatever restless thoughts may be rattling around our collective Bucks brain trust.

Whether you're still curious what might be a viable trade for John Henson, if Tony Snell was worth that $11 million or just how many heads will roll from Giannis dunks this year, Brew Hoop knows you've got plenty of questions about this franchise.

So let us know ease those distressing thoughts pressing on your cortex by answering as many questions as we can.

Leave your queries in the comments below and we will answer them in a post later this week!