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NBA 2K18 Reveals Bucks All-Time Roster

Some notable snubs and surprise inclusions for Milwaukee

Ray Allen #34...

2K Sports, publisher of popular video game NBA 2K18, has been slowly releasing All-Time rosters for each NBA team as part of a new feature for the upcoming game, coming out in the fall. There were many discussions on who Milwaukee’s starting five would be (with Kareem being the only consensus choice). A few days ago, 2K released Milwaukee’s roster.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who began his career in Milwaukee, is one of four players that garner a 99 overall ranking (with LeBron James twice and Michael Jordan being the others) and it’s surprising that the Los Angeles Lakers version of Kareem didn’t get a 99 as well. Oscar Robertson, Sidney Moncrief, Ray Allen, and Bob Dandridge round out the starters.

The biggest Bucks omission would most likely be Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson, Sam Cassell, and Marques Johnson, considering their individual success and team success. Marques was a 4-time Al star and 3-time All-NBA player, and Robinson ranks second in points scored in franchise history. Marques Johnson did confirm on Twitter that 2K didn't seek his permission, so there’s no clear reason why these players weren’t included.

The big surprise from Bucks’ Twitter would be inclusion of Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut. The two spearheaded the “Fear the Deer” run back in 2009, but few would truly consider them All-Time Bucks. Giannis cracks the team at a 90, which is lower than his 91 rating that 2K released previously.

Overall, the starting five is one of the strongest in the game, and swapping Dandridge with Giannis Antetokounmpo would further increase its potency. Milwaukee’s roster has an average rating of 88 which Uproxx ranked at 14th, tid with the Houston Rockets. Do you agree with 2K? Let us know your thoughts and what players you would rather have had in the comments below.