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Monday Morning Media Roundup: August 7th, 2017

Win projections, the path to superteam-dom, and GM Jon Horst

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NBA: Miami Heat at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We finally had our first offseason scare with the news last week that Giannis Antetokounmpo was taking a few days off from training after some knee discomfort. While we here at the Roundup appreciate worthy news of this magnitude, we’d really rather it not involve injury to the heart, soul and competitive motor of the entire franchise.

Since it sounds like Giannis will be fine, we’ll take the time this week to look at some season win/loss projections, sit down once more with GM Jon Horst, dream about throwback uniforms coming back to life, and much more.

Let’s roundup!

Q & A with Milwaukee Bucks general manager Jon Horst (

Jon Horst continues to make the usual media rounds as of late. Two weeks ago he stopped in for a few radio interviews, and this week he joined to talk a bit about the Bucks, where they’ve been and where he sees them going, and the power dynamics at play in Milwaukee’s front office.

Throughout all his interviews I’ve found it interesting that he seems to get a bit defensive or combative when people bring up topics like whether Jason Kidd has ultimate veto power or whether the Bucks will be able to retain Giannis after his current contract. Perhaps he’s stressed from being asked those questions constantly, or maybe this is just a feature of his personality to keep an eye on heading forward.

Hawks, Hornets, Warriors, Pacers, Lakers, Heat, Bucks, Suns will wear Nike throwback uniforms (ClutchPoints)

Since their inception it has been safe to say that the “new” uniforms revealed with the team’s redesign have all gone off pretty well in varying ways. While some clamor for an all-cream alternate, a uniform that features a bit more blue, or the moving up of the “Fear the Deer” alternate to a more prominent position, the Bucks are busy bringing together a throwback uniform for this upcoming season.

The internet has yet to decide which unis will be brought back to life, but you’re more than welcome to speculate and fight for your favorite throwback uniform design in the comments below.

Bucks take another step forward with new training center (FOX)

On last week’s roundup we had a chance to take a short photographic tour of the Bucks’s new training facility. Now it has officially opened and all the media accolades are in, and they are glowing reviews.

How much impact a shiny new toy like the practice building plays in luring in players or helping the team on the court isn’t easily quantifiable, but at least the team will have the best looking offerings of the league for the near future.

Milwaukee Bucks soliciting artwork to fill new arena (Journal Sentinel)

If you’re an aspiring artist AND a Bucks fan, you’re just about to receive some of the best news ever: The Bucks are looking for artwork and they want to hear from YOU.

Submissions will be accepted until August 23rd for pieces that will go up in the new stadium, and preferred themes include the 1971 championship or Milwaukee’s industrial past. If neither of those get your creative fire burning, you could also probably try to portray team president Peter Feigin as Superman and also have a fair shot of being featured in a bathroom on the lower-level concourse.

Join the Milwaukee Bucks? Ryan Broekhoff is definitely on board (The Pick and Roll)

I’ve never heard of Ryan Broekhoff until I stumbled upon the above article. Apparently he’s a 6’7” Aussie “sharpshooter” who would “love” to join the Bucks if the opportunity presented itself.

To his credit, if I was stuck playing basketball during the cold Russian winter, I’d also “love” to join an NBA team. Now that I mention it, I’m pretty sure most basketball players and fans would “love” to play in the NBA as well.

I’m not going to get my heart wrapped up in Mr. Broekhoff. If you’ve got interest in watching a wing who can shoot the lights out for the club Loko in Russia, now you’ve got your man. And who knows? Maybe he’s a future Buck-in-waiting.

Projected records: Young Bucks on the rise (ESPN)

After a 42-40 season, how does a projected 46.9 wins sound to you? According to ESPN’s Kevin Pelton, that’s just about where the Bucks are projected to end up if the roster stays roughly unchanged from now until the end of next season.

One bit of info here is intriguing: The Bucks continue to have the youngest roster of all playoff-quality teams (Milwaukee is projected as the fourth seed in the East) and only the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns have younger rosters overall. Something something green and growing something something.

Next NBA superteam: Watch the Bucks (ESPN)

The nature of the modern (and one could argue the entire history of the NBA) means that those who have superteams win championships, and those who don’t are sitting at home come June. With that being the case, does Milwaukee have enough talent to quality as a “superteam”?

Right now the answer is plainly no, and if one is to speculate on how the Bucks will reach that status, the most realistic route seems to be through the draft. Big-name free agents aren’t coming here freely, the trade assets are good but not great, and the cap situation leaves the team handicapped. Am I implying a full-on tank? No, of course not. But, man, wouldn’t another high lottery pick be nice right about now?

Since the Wisconsin State Fair officially began last week, the Bucks have once again returned to pass out $.50 cups of milk of varying flavors to all the good little boys and girls (and men and women) who are willing to stand in line for 20 minutes.

The offseason is a barren place and if you really need a Bucks fix, you’re more than welcome to head to State Fair Park and order cup after cup of milk if only to bask in the glory of a faux-barn that has Bucks logos all over it. Or you can just get milk from the grocery store and look at the logo online; whatever is easiest.

The only other relevant upcoming events include Eurobasket 2017 which shall include the Greek National Team led by the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo. On the upside it should feature some of the better international basketball out there. On the other hand, it doesn’t start for 23 days. Does Summer truly never end?

Since we have all this free time, kick back in your favorite chair, get an ice cold beverage to beat the heat, and perhaps start that book that has been on your “to-read” shelf since 2011. And as always:

Happy Monday!