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Fuel Up: Jason Terry Reportedly Heading Back to Bucks on One-Year Deal

The aged veteran will be bringing his eloquence and sweet shooting stroke to Milwaukee once more

NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s happening people, everyone’s favorite animated 40-plus year old (besides our parents of course) will be making Milwaukee his home for at least this next season according to a report from Shams Charania.

Many were curious how the Bucks would choose to handle the newly open roster spot afforded by the waiving of Spencer Hawes. It didn’t take long to get our answer and it’s one that Eric and Frank have speculated/advocated for several times on Locked on Bucks. Terry brings with him the same veteran savvy that made him so endearing to Bucks fans, not to mention his actual production on the court. His pinprick usage rate meant he knew exactly who should be using the majority of possessions and he oftentimes felt like a catalyst for ensuring the Bucks offense didn’t bog down.

Besides the various times where Jason Kidd might ride him excessively down the stretch, which certainly isn’t Terry’s fault, there was little to quibble with when it came to Terry’s contributions to the Bucks last year. The only question this does open is how Milwaukee will handle their guard rotation. Seemingly, this would mean some less potential minutes for Rashad Vaughn (probably a good thing) but also means the times we do see Sterling Brown may be more at the 3 than the 2. Given Terry’s presence and Brown’s size, Brown could find more minutes playing up a position than trying to shove him between the Snell-Terry rotation at shooting guard.

Terry will be signed to a similar minimum contract as last season and because of his experience will only count as $1.47M against the cap, meaning Milwaukee will remain below the luxury tax level after stretching Hawes remaining salary out. Cap aficionado Frank explains the logistics of the contract below:

Most of all though, I think I speak for everyone when I say there is no better hype man to make sure the BMO goes out on a rocking note in its final season. Welcome back JET, let’s hope you’ll help Milwaukee have a smooth landing from the offseason.