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Monday Morning Media Roundup: September 18th, 2017

The Rookie-Scale Extension, Season Preview, and Rhinelander Edition

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Man, the offseason is long. I mean, objectively speaking it hasn't been any longer than previous offseasons by any means, and there have been plenty of exciting/unexpected moves made across the league to keep us interested. But besides an international basketball scandal, the reveal that Harley Davidson will be adding a dash of garish orange and black to the team's uniforms, and the pricey return of Tony Snell, things have been quiet.

That being the case, we'll continue to revisit our favorite subjects of the Summer. Namely, Jabari Parker's contract(s), national media putting together egregious and incomprehensible player rankings, and the shipment of DJ Wilson to Wisconsin's Northwoods.

Let's roundup!

The Most Interesting Rookie-Scale Extension Candidates (The Ringer)

Jabari Parker's future status with the Milwaukee Bucks continues to loom as the October 16th deadline for rookie-scale extensions nears. Reports say he's looking for a max, and it is safe to assume the Bucks would like a number comfortably below those high dollar numbers. Playing out the final year to restricted free agency may be the most likely outcome, but the Bucks are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Parker has shown the offensive skill to become a potential “star” in the NBA, and for a team like the Bucks, there aren't many more straight-forward ways of acquiring talent like that given the league's landscape. The consistent glaring lapses on defense and the obvious history of season-ending injuries causes a great deal of warranted pause, and leaves both sides without the certainty necessary to justify a max extension prior to the season's start.

The Bucks’s new management may cave and give him the extension with hopes for a full recovery and no more major injuries, or they can choose to play some hardball and wait out free agency next offseason. A daunting challenge for the executive team.

Bucks should be cautious of offering Jabari Parker an extension (FanRag Sports)

And hey, would you look at that? Someone else has some similar ideas when it comes to Parker's future!

What interests me about the situation is the possibility of waiting out Jabari's time on the market. We saw it this past free agency where those players without deals with teams in-hand as soon as midnight strikes were forced to wait as cap space dried up forcing them to either settle for much less than market-value or take a qualifying offer. Could that be a strategy for Milwaukee? They have a penchant for giving their RFAs deals, but maybe Parker is a different case altogether?

Limited Upside NBA podcast: The Bucks are on the clock with Giannis Antetokounmpo (SB Nation)

Like Milwaukee Bucks takes from the cream of the Brewhoop crop? Then you'll love the fact that Brewhoop’s very own Mitchell Maurer got a chance to stop by the Limited Upside Studios to talk all things Bucks.

It isn't every day you get an off-season roundup like this, so enjoy!

Milwaukee Bucks draft pick D.J. Wilson feels excitement of fans on team's state tour (Post-Crescent)

The Bucks have continued their tradition of sending newly drafted players to Rhinelander, Wisconsin for a few weeks to drum up statewide interest in the team.

I'm not sure what a Hodag would be able to teach an NBA player about basketball, but when you look like this, you have to imagine your post defense is at a level without compare.

The Crossover's Top 100 NBA Players of 2018 (Sports Illustrated) & #NBArank: Players Nos. 1-10 (ESPN)

As with the rising and setting of the Sun, we've now reached the point where major outlets put out their completely-totally-100%-objective lists of who the top 100 players in the NBA are.

The Bucks were able to log entries on both ESPN's and Sports Illustrated's lists. For SI the rankings go: Greg Monroe (72???), Khris Middleton (35), and Giannis Antetokounmpo (9). Over at ESPN, the list went: Giannis Antetokounmpo (9), Khris Middleton (35), Malcolm Brogdon (56), and Greg Monroe (82).

With all that talent, how they haven't won multiple championships yet baffles me.

From the Social Media Realm:

Giannis has made it known that he's officially a Green Bay Packer backer, which is the best choice for his popularity and long-term health:

Khris Middleton showed off the Bucks “Statement” uniform for the upcoming season, and it literally is the Fear the Deer alternate with a Harley patch and big Nike swoosh:

He also looked really happy to be there in the group picture:

Greg Monroe posted a picture with the hashtag “Swaggadoosh”:

And we obtained undeniable evidence that Malcolm Brogdon, Greg, Jabari, and Gary Payton II have enjoyed a live musical performance together recently:

We've got some footage of John Henson working out climbing monkey bars, which, to be honest, probably won't help him drastically improve his muscle mass:

Went #TBT today #monkeybarsfordays

A post shared by @johnhenson31 on

Is this the year John finally realizes his potential and turns into an every-night role player? Probably not!

Another week in the offseason, and another lack of things to wager upon. Instead, let's all gather ‘round and reminisce about the Golden Gophers demolishing of Middle Tennessee State, 34-3. There's just something about, maroon, gold, and a large anthropomorphic Gopher that gets the heart racing, isn’t there?

The other big update I've got is the initial reveal that Brew Hoop will be hosting a fantasy basketball league this season. Details are still being worked out and we're more than open to suggestions from everyone out there. Have a favorite platform to play on (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.)? Think there's an ideal number of teams and scoring system to keep things fair? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us as we begin to bring things together.

In other news, training camp begins in a little over a week? Get out there, circle September 26th on your calendar, and of course:

Happy Monday!