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Charles Antetokounmpo Passes Away at 54

While a positive atmosphere surrounds the Milwaukee Bucks as they move through training camp and into the preseason, Saturday morning brought with it terrible news. Charles Antetokounmpo, the 54-year old father of Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, passed away on Friday in Milwaukee. This event was first reported by Eurohoops, and later confirmed when Bucks GM Jon Horst released a team statement.

This is not a basketball story, despite its proximity to an elite NBA player on the cusp of superstardom. This is a human story, about a family losing a member before his time. By all accounts, Giannis always kept his family close, helping them find their way to the United States and living nearby over the course of his Milwaukee career. A moment that comes to mind is the first game in Milwaukee that Giannis’ family attended, which illustrates just how much energy they put into one another.

Giannis became quickly beloved once he landed in Wisconsin, and Bucks fans extended that goodwill to his family. I think I speak for everyone at Brew Hoop when I say that our hearts go out to the Antetokounmpo family.