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Brew Hoop Night Shift: September 30th, 2017

Welcome to the Brew Hoop Night Shift. Every evening at 9:00pm (central time), this all-purpose thread goes up, and the comments section is where it’s going down. What Bucks news did we not cover? What topics do you want to break down further? Or is there something non-Bucks that you want to bounce off of one another? Even something non-basketball? This is the place.

Today’s (on)topic: NBA Pre-Season Kicks Off

The light at the end of the off-season tunnel is getting bigger and brighter. We are less than 48 hours away from our Andy Dufresne moment when the Bucks debut in Dallas on Monday night. What are you expectations for the pre-season as far as minute distributions go? Personally, I want to see more of D.J. Wilson’s game and how it may differ from the Summer League where he isn’t one of the top offensive options.

Today’s (off)topic: Souvenir Cups

I went to the 2016 Rose Bowl and saw the Iowa Hawkeyes get annihilated by the Stanford Christian McCaffery’s, but I will still drink out of the souvenir cup I bought whenever I watch college football. I’ll definitely splurge this upcoming Bucks season for a souvenir cup and get some more of that 50th season branded merchandise. Is there a souvenir cup/glass that has a warm place in your heart?

As a general rule, non-basketball topics are permitted in an open thread, provided that they follow the SB Nation Community Guidelines.