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Milwaukee Bucks Pick Up Options on Thon Maker and D.J. Wilson

Strap in for another year with your favorite young big men folks

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

They’re coming baaaack. According to Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Milwaukee Bucks will be exercising their third-year and fourth-year options respectively on D.J. Wilson and Thon Maker.

This isn’t exactly surprising news per se, given their relatively low rookie scale contracts, but there were some rumblings that D.J. Wilson may have been on the trade block in the preseason. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s removed himself from the trade block, on the contrary, having a player under another year of team control at a decent salary may make him more attractive to a team. That’s a big “may” though, given the complete lack of promising play in both his sparing stints with the Bucks and blah performances with the Herd.

Maker, of course, is coming off his first real chance to get extended play after Milwaukee dispatched the Toronto Raptors last night. His modest 11 points and seven rebounds in Giannis’ stead were by far his most impressive showing of the season, particularly given he’s been shoehorned into the power forward position in both the preseason and regular season this year. With John Henson moving prominently into a backup role behind Brook Lopez, and somehow hitting threes at a better clip than Thon, Maker’s position on the team seems a little mercurial at the moment. If he’s pushed into a power forward slot long-term, it also feels a little redundant to have both him and D.J. Wilson slotting in there.

Velazquez used the word “love” though, which I must say, is not something I’ve ever been moved to utter while watching both of them play.