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Most GM’s Say They Would Start Their Franchise With Giannis...Obviously

That, plus more superlatives showered on Milwaukee’s superstar from the annual survey of executives

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official. There’s no more desirable young player to start a franchise with in the NBA than Giannis Antetokounmpo. At least according to the GM’s surveyed in John Schuhmann’s always appreciated annual exercise. Schuhmann asked them if they could start a franchise and sign any player in the NBA, who would it be. Giannis took in 30% of the vote from those that responded, eclipsing Anthony Davis in second at 23%. Last year, Giannis took second billing (21%) behind Karl-Anthony Towns, who didn’t even crack the top-five this year.

In other interesting wrinkle, Milwaukee finished as the team most likely to finish 4th in the Eastern Conference. Last year, they were at fifth. Washington was also second in that poll last year though, and we all know how that unfolded.

Meanwhile, my other favorite bit illuminates just how expansive Giannis’ talents are. He showed up in three different queries regarding the best player at a specific position. He finished third in “Best Small Forward” at 3% of the vote, fourth in “Best Power Forward” with 10% AND received votes for “Best Center.” He’s a mammoth folks, as no one else showed up in all three categories. Unsurprisingly, he also took home 73% of the vote for “Best International Player.” Which, to the other 27%, smart call giving this exploding mass of muscle more incentive to improve.

There are a number of other fun stats to pick through in the above survey (spoiler: Milwaukee really only gets spotlighted thanks to Giannis), although I will pick nits with one entry. Someone gave Giannis votes for best perimeter defender in the NBA. While his defensive prowess certainly deserves recognition, I think perimeter defense is one of his weaker traits. I still think he has some issues laterally against quicker players, although he makes up for it with his recovery speed. Regardless, I can’t complain too much with Giannis showing up throughout this survey nearly as much as he flashes spectacular plays during a game.