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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves Preview: Grab Your Radio Folks

Tonight’s tilt won’t be broadcast on TV

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Minnesota Timberwolves Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

After an impressive pummeling of the Chicago Bulls yesterday, Milwaukee looks to double up on wins in border battles with tonight’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Unfortunately it won’t be broadcast on television. They moved the game to Iowa, and my working theory is they literally couldn’t get enough television crew members to volunteer for an assignment in that corny state. Alas, it means our Riley Feldmann will also miss out on an opportunity to watch the Bucks play nearby. Bummer all around, but thank goodness for Ted Davis providing radio coverage tonight.

Bucks Update

Chicago came to the Fiserv Forum and got served a heaping helping of humble pie as Bud’s new offense looked like an unstoppable buzzsaw. Miles of space gave Giannis plenty of room to work within the arc, and Milwaukee’s role players got plenty of threes launched from deep. 45 of them to be exact. I could get used to that.

Player to Listen For: Donte DiVincenzo

If Donte continues to struggle shooting, as he did last game, it’s gonna be tough for Bud to feel comfortable running him out there regularly. His game flashed far more against Chicago from a passing and rebounding aspect, which is tougher to appreciate via radio. Thus, I’ll be keeping a close ear on whether his solid-looking stroke finally starts to fall.

Timberwolves Update

The neighbors to the north already have three preseason games under their belt, the lone win coming against the Warriors in their first game out. On Friday, they fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder, 113-101. Andrew Wiggins also scored just 4 points in that contest, I guess? Minnesota is in a troubling spot with Wiggins tied to a mammoth deal and the Jimmy Butler situation remaining unresolved.

Player to Listen For: Josh Okogie or Keith Bates-Diop

Nothing is more fun than watching other rookies in preseason and putting your team on blast for not picking them. Please don’t actually do that, but both of these fellas were players I feel like a few draftniks had the Bucks poking around at. Bates-diop’s fall remains a mystery to me, but we’ll see how these two do in tonight’s game.

Happy listening and here’s all the game information. Don’t forget it’s on 94.5 KTMI tonight.