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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Preview: Road Game Blackout?

The third game of the preseason sees Milwaukee head south

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We are currently through two preseason games, and the Milwaukee Bucks are undefeated; HANG UP THE BANNER!!!! The Bucks have Ledecky’d the Chicago Bulls and had a start-to finish win against the Minnesota Timberwovles (we think). Milwaukee will head down to Oklahoma to play the Thunder tonight. This time, we promise the game will actually be televised. The Thunder have played three preseason games and currently sport a 2-1 record.

Bucks Update

Milwaukee hasn’t lost in the Budenholzer era as mentioned above. Milwaukee’s offense has looked revitalized shooting 41 and 36 threes in their two preseason games. That has been a team effort as players like Middleton, Wood and Henson, yes really Henson, are taking threes when open. The defense is still working itself out as they got a little foul happy (30 personals) on Sunday’s night’s game against the T-Wolves. Also...

Bucks player to watch: Christian Wood

In the Chicago game, Wood came in the game late and didn’t look particularly good. Against Minnesota, he turned it around with a box score of 14 points, 6 rebounds. Wood is competing against a few other players for the final roster spot, so more games like Sunday’s will go a long ways for him.

Thunder Update

Oklahoma City had an interesting offseason after getting thoroughly outplayed by the Utah Jazz. OKC had an expensive headache with Carmelo Anthony opting in (*writer’s note: obviously you do that, always gotta secure the bag) but thankfully the Thunder were able to trade him to the Hawks and get young PG Dennis Schroder. Paul George was also a question mark as to whether he’d stay at OKC and in a bit of a surprise, he did just that. The Thunder now have their two superstars in Westbrook and George for the long term and will hope to maneuver the tough Western Conference.

Thunder player to watch: Steven Adams

The Kiwi might be one of the most underrated players in the league. Adams does almost everything you would want from your big and does those things really well. He is somebody that will get plenty of second chance points and protect the paint well. He isn’t going to do anything that stands out but he’s someone that can snag 16 points and 16 rebounds with ease.