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Charity Spotlight: Malcolm Brogdon is Ballin’ For Buckets This November

The Buck’s President has a lot of well wishers

Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Six Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

It’s the season of giving, and the Buck’s own President is giving back to those experiencing water crisis with every bucket in November.

This year is the tipoff for Hoops2O, an extension of the Waterboys project, founded by our own Malcolm Brogdon. Over the course of this season, Malcolm and other NBA players will raise money in a friendly competition to build wells in Africa.

Fans choose the player of their dreams from the Starting 5, Malcolm, Joe Harris, Anthony Tolliver, Justin Anderson, and Garrett Temple. Pledge an amount tied to your chosen player’s given category, and do your small part to help those without reliable access to clean and potable water while helping our guy win.

The Goal: Raise $225,000 over the course of the season to fund 5 deep-bore wells in East Africa

The goal for November is to raise $45,000. With $28,000 raised already through player and fan pledges the mission has the momentum, but every dollar counts with a project as large and complicated as this.

Brewhoop reached out to Nicole Woodie, Director of the Chris Long Foundation, who was kind enough to tell us a little more about the program.

How does your program impact the lives of those you help?

“The world’s clean water crisis goes far beyond inadequate access to drinking water. Water scarcity limits educational, economic, and agricultural opportunities and shortens life expectancies for the most vulnerable.

Water does more than quench thirst — it saves lives, allows for economic development, ensures that young kids, especially young girls, can get an education. It increases opportunities & is the foundation to transform communities.”

So far, the Waterboys organization has improved water access for 193,000 people

In time, will the Waterboys project expand to help those experiencing water crisis in the United States?

“We are looking at expanding our domestic efforts to address some of the domestic water issues. We are still in the exploratory process.”

What is it like to work with Malcolm Brogdon?

“Words can’t express what a great man Malcolm is. He is the real deal. He has a huge heart to help others and is willing to give of his time, resources, and platform to make the world a better place. Everyone knows he is a great guy, coupled with his authenticity and passion makes him the perfect fit to expand Waterboys into the NBA.”

I wanted to bring attention to this initiative particularly because of Malcolm Brogdon’s involvement. He’s a good man who does his research. When he backs a project, that means something. I’m sure that Hoops2O can do great things with fan support.

So come on Bucks fans! We can’t let Anthony Tolliver take home all the glory!

To make your own pledge at click HERE.