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Milwaukee vs. Sacramento: Bucks Dominate Kings, 144-109

Milwaukee’s 22 3-pointers set a new franchise record

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

In a Sunday matinee at Fiserv Forum, the Milwaukee Bucks notched an easy 144-109 victory over the Sacramento Kings.

It seemed as if the Bucks were sleepwalking to start things off, as Sacramento ran up and down the court with ease. However, Milwaukee would eventually break out and settle into a 39-30 lead after one.

Then, at the blink of an eye, things escalated — fast. The Bucks’ would push their lead to 20+ points, thanks in large part to a consistent dosage of their own fast-paced play. A brief cold spell would tilt the board slightly in Sacramento’s favor, but Milwaukee began to put on cruise control. They’d break halftime with a 72-52 lead.

The theme remained the same from that point — pure domination by the Bucks. Three after three fell in, and it ended up culminating in the Bucks setting the franchise record for most 3-pointers in a game (22). However, something tells me that that record won’t be standing long.

Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way for the good guys. He tallied another triple double and finished with a slash of 26/12/11. The scoring consistently filled in the cracks on the rest of the lineup card as well. Seven other Bucks (E. Bledsoe, M. Brogdon, K. Middleton, E. Ilyasova, J. Henson, P. Connaughton, and T. Snell) also scored double-digit points.

Justin Jackson was the leading scorer for Sacramento with 22 points off the pine. Buddy Hield contributed with 19 of his own.

Three Observations

You see, originally, I had typed out “THAT GIANNIS DUNK.” However, a mere 15 seconds later, I was forced to add in the parentheses. Here’s the first one that made my jaw drop:

Pure ferocity. But was that not enough? Here’s more of our Greek Freak!

I’m running out of adjectives at this point. Like...just wow. Wow. I don’t know what else to say. After the game, Giannis mentioned to us that he felt guilty for dunking on his countryman like that. However, the opponent is the opponent, and when Giannis sees you in his way, he’s going to be relentless.

The Bucks hit 22 3-pointers. That’s a franchise record.

If you had told me last season that the Bucks were going to break the franchise record in 3-pointers and that John Henson was going to be involved in it, I would’ve said you’re crazy. But sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. The Budenholzer Effect just keeps flowing along. The crazy thing was that it really didn’t even seem like the Bucks hit that many. Or maybe I shouldn’t phrase it that way — it seems like they could hit even more. Giannis made that observation postgame to us. He thinks they could go all the way up to 25, 26 — who knows how high. And to be honest, what’s stopping them?

This deserves to be the third observation. A lady named 27 (!!!) cheeses in 30 seconds. 27. CHEESES.

If we’re being honest, that may have been the top performance of the afternoon. That’s by far the most Wisconsin thing I’ve seen in a long time. Just listen to how she says “goat.” The level of concentration was unfathomable. I don’t even know if I could name 27 cheeses in a minute — and she did it in 30 seconds. I also have to tip my cap to Sterling Brown. He was the Buck that went up against this cheese connoisseur. Granted, he’s from just outside Chicago, but I don’t even know if I could “munster up” 17 cheeses in 30 seconds.

This has me hungry. Comment your favorite cheese in the comments below!

Bonus Bucks Bits

  • So far this season, the Kings have been a pleasant surprise in the Association. A large part of that has been their pace. After yesterday’s game, they boast the second-best in the league (108.10). They started off catching Milwaukee off-guard early on thanks to their run-and-gun style of play, but the Bucks would quickly sniff it out. Giannis attributed the lethargic start to the fact that it was an early afternoon game.
  • It seems that Giannis has a new rookie to pick on — Marvin Bagley. Move over, Jarrett Allen.

I’m already looking forward to Milwaukee’s trip to Sacramento.

  • It was great to see the Bucks get to the line 33 times on the afternoon — and convert on 30 of them. They were a force early on, and if the game had been closer, they may have scratched the surface of 40-45 attempts. It shows the level of attack this offense generates on a nightly basis and that attitude is going to be huge moving forward. I can’t express how awesome it is watching this Budenholzer offense work, and I know all of you feel the same way.
  • That Giannis block!

That’s literally like watching Planet Earth. All we need is David Attenborough on the call.