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NBA Neighborhood Watch: Looking At the League’s Other Young Stars

Milwaukee has a basketball prodigy, but what other gifted players reside in the neighborhood?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Brew Hoop Neighborhood Watch. The NBA is a vibrant community, and while the Milwaukee Bucks are our preferred resident, we still want to be in touch with our neighbors around the league. After all, that’s what good neighbors are for. Today, we pull out the round table to take a quick look at the league’s other gifted youngsters: Giannis Antetokounmpo turns 24 next week, so who are some of the other up-and-comers in his age bracket?

Mitchell: There’s only one guy right now that has me as excited as Young Giannis did:

Luka Dončić is nineteen years old, and he already looks like a boss. He will pull up from anywhere. Literally, anywhere, and he’s got the footwork to boot. Not only that, he can pass, and maybe he can’t finish ever like Giannis, but he’s not bad at that either.

Halleluka, indeed. I’m all in on Dončić.

Kyle: Everybody has a draft favorite; last year, mine was De'Aaron Fox. I instantly became a fan of his after Kentucky’s tough loss in the 2017 NCAA Torunament against North Carolina.

Dude hates losing, and I want someone like that on my team. His rookie year wasn’t spectacular, but Fox has really found himself this season. He has been a big reason why the Kings are not a laughing stock in the league, and highlights like this always help.

Fox is the best PG from that 2017 draft and I won’t be convinced otherwise.

Sylvan : For a while it was looking like Chicago didn’t know what they had in Wendell Carter Jr, an up-and-coming big with nice touch who does all the little things. I was hoping we could snag him for a song, but with Bobby Portis hurt and Jabari Parker making a mockery of the sport, that window’s already closed.

Carter Jr. is looking like a seasoned vet while playing for a team that should not be. He’s getting Al Horford comps, and I have a feeling that he’ll be a foundation stone wherever he suits up for the next decade.

Also, don’t look now, but Pascal Siakam is up in the frosty North trying out his best Giannis moves.