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The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 13: Dissecting Milwaukee’s Mediocre Stretch

It’s been a tough W-L period, but what do the numbers behind that middling record tell us?

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at New York Knicks Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time again. After a break following the Thanksgiving period where we cooled off after Kyle’s piping hot cranberry takes, The Brew Hoop Podcast is here to assuage any growing concerns about this Bucks team. Or, at least that’s the stance the majority of us happen to take in this episode. First, we dive into Milwaukee’s mediocre record of late and whether the underlying numbers back that up. For the most part, we’re content with the Bucks staying the course, but understand the frustration given elevated expectations to start the year.

After a triumphant return of a meaningful Donte’s Inferno segment, we dip into a couple of lingering questions I’ve had regarding the team. Namely:

  • Giannis seems to be the consensus National Pundit MVP pick, so why does there continue to be some nit-picking among the local fanbase?
  • Did Kyle and Riley’s Point/Counterpoint turn Malcolm Brogdon into a human torch from deep? Why are his on/off numbers so horrendous despite his positive play this year?
  • Is this Bucks’ team boring to discuss? They’re following best practices as dictated by the NBA intelligentsia, so it feels like we’re being diverted to more marginal discussions. I’d be really curious to hear other’s opinions on this topic in particular.

Finally, we wrap up with a look ahead, including previewing the dynamite games against Toronto and Golden State, before making our foolproof predictions. Here’s the episode in full. As always, listening to us drone for any amount of time means the world to us. Thanks for tuning in.