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Roundtable: The Henson and Delly Trade

Holy mackerel who saw this coming?

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the Brew Hoop Round Table, where we ask that everybody use coasters and please don’t feed the pugs from the table, thanks. Today, we look at the cap-clearing trade that shuffled John Henson and Matthew Dellavedova to Cleveland.

What were your immediate reactions to the trade going down?

Adam: Ample surprise. I had resigned myself to a future with Delly riding the pine for years, but this reshuffles the deck considerably for Milwaukee’s free agent class next summer. The thought of a first round pick getting sent out always causes me to recoil at first, and I’m still not sure this is necessarily the right move given the fact we still have small test cases with this team. But they were put into a tough spot with Bud not having much time to audition players given the glut of contracts up for renewal next year, so it clarifies things for next summer certainly.

Kyle: At first I was curious as to what the Bucks were getting back. George Hill isn’t a bad piece to get if you’re parting with Delly and an injured Henson. The first round pick is a little worrisome to part with but the cap flexibility you gain from this trade can make it worth the gamble. I could care less about Dekker.

Brian: I’m a Dellavedova apologist to the max, but even I can’t defend the combination of his poor play and worse contract. In the end, Milwaukee was able to rid themselves of a crappy player (Dellavedova) and an injured one (Henson) in return for a useful backup point. Although I have some worries about the future, it seems like a good deal for the immediate future.

Dakota: Immediately felt some surprise since I didn’t really expect the team to make a move at this time in the season. However, I immediately realized that it did make sense as the addition of Hill improves the backcourt while trading both Henson & Dellavedova will be beneficial for the team in the upcoming off-season and beyond. Although there was some sadness about trading Henson, since he’s been that one constant for the team since the “Bucks in 6” era, I was still happy.

Was this a move for now or the future?

Adam: I guess both? George Hill, over the hill as he is, gives some quality backup point guard minutes that Delly had somehow thrust himself into lately. He also provides better insurance should an injury hit the Bucks’ ranks. That being said, it’s certainly a clear indication that this front office seems pretty intent on trying to retain some of the pieces they’ve got within their core right now.

Kyle: It’s a win-now move. It gives you the possibility to become potential players in the summer of 2019 with the cap flexibility. The parting of the first round pick in 2021 gives the allusion that it’s going to be in the high 20s if you load up the roster and resign Giannis.

Brian: Yes. Milwaukee gets a useful player in Hill who will see a somewhat limited role with the Bucks. They also clear cap space for next year, giving them options to re-sign their core or hand pick alternative players to fill the gaps. Ultimately, it’s a move that shows Giannis Antetokounmpo that they want to win and win big.

Dakota: All the above. Like I mentioned in the previous question, this move immediately gives the Bucks a solid veteran option for the team’s 2nd unit. For the future, we’ll have a lot of cap flexibility as Hill is only guaranteed $1 million for 2019-20 while Dekker is an RFA. With that money, the team can give Middleton a big deal if/when he declines the player option while possibly giving us a chance to sign an All-Star like Kemba Walker during the upcoming off-season.

Did this seem like a fair price to get off both salaries?

Adam: Given the fact there’s supposed to be plenty more teams with cap space next year, it makes sense a team could at least extract a first round pick out of Milwaukee. Having to give away assets that aren’t involved in a potential transformative trade or player are always no-no’s in my book, especially when we’re still not sure this core could take the Bucks where they want to go. That being said, this seemed like the going rate to really clear the books.

Kyle: If you wanted to part with Delly’s contract, you were going to need to include an asset as part of the deal. The first round pick is protected so I’d say it’s a risk but worth the shot.

Brian: Although I don’t like the idea of moving more draft picks (the Bucks still owe a first to the Suns), it’s probably worth it in the long run. One oddly protected first round pick for two awful salaries is probably as fair as it gets for the Bucks.

Dakota: As everyone mentioned, it’s definitely a risk for the team to trade such a valuable asset like a 1st round pick. However, it does have some solid protections and hopefully the Bucks will be in a position in 2021 and beyond where that 1st round pick is slotted in the mid to late 20’s.

What were your fondest memories of J-Hook’s time here?

Adam: The Matt Barnes brawl will always have a place in my heart.

Kyle: The Matt Barnes fight is one of the top moments. I will say his instagram comments on other players post.

Brian: His random lefty hooks that either seemed to splash all net or miss badly. If there was a nastier looking shot in another player’s regular repertoire, I have yet to see it. In an odd way, I’ll miss those shots that always made me yell at the television when they went up.

Dakota: His random lefty hooks, amazing per-36 numbers, his strangely solid facilitating skills and obviously turning into a Splash Brother this year.

How many buckets would Sheboygan Folk Hero Sam Dekker have scored in his inaugural Bucks game?

(Let’s just let the Badger fans dream for a minute here, before the untimely news Dekker was headed elsewhere to Washington)

Adam: Three. He’ll get those garbage time minutes and slurp up the fame when he splashes one in sharing the court with D.J. Wilson.

Kyle: Two he will get a dunk and the state of Wisconsin will spontaneously combust.

Brian: Zero. Although Dekker has experience playing in a system similar to Budenhozler’s when he was with the Houston Rockets, he’s buried on the depth chart behind a plethora of forwards. Unless there’s an injury or garbage time minutes to be had, Dekker likely would’ve been a lightly used bench piece for the Bucks.