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Site Announcement: Welcome to Our Newest Writer

It’s a name Bucks Twitter followers might know well...

At Brew Hoop, we’re always looking for talented new writers to hop aboard and share their unique views with the fandom at large. Thankfully, we’re fortunate to be welcoming a new name many of you are likely familiar with from his excellent work on Twitter under @BucksFilmRoom, AKA Brian Sampson. You can also follow his general NBA account. He’ll bring his hot takes and hotter video analysis to the Brew Hoop crew. I’ll clear the floor now to let him tell you a little more about himself.

What’s good, everyone? I’m super excited to be a part of Brew Hoop community. I’ll keep this short and sweet so I can get into the good stuff in other articles, but my goal is to help fans develop a higher understanding about basketball and why the Bucks do what they do.

As some of you may know, I’ve been operating under the @BucksFilmRoom account on Twitter. There, I’ve created video analysis regarding various aspects of the Bucks and I look forward to doing more of that here. I’ll be tinkering with a combination of written and visual content to try to create the best avenue for readers to learn about the game.

Before I started Bucks Film Room, however, I’ve had a couple of stops along the way including the FanSided site Dunking With Wolves, NBA Math and BBallbreakdown, as well as a random appearance at Dime Uproxx. Hopefully, I’ll be able to call Brew Hoop home for the long run. I look forward to interacting with all of you.