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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Orlando Magic Preview: Bucks Look to Rebound in the Theme Park Capital

After an ugly loss against the Miami Heat, Milwaukee look to win the Hammond Derby

Milwaukee Bucks v Orlando Magic Photo by Gary Bassing/NBAE via Getty Images

The Milwaukee Bucks are trying to keep the good times rolling and look to win their eighth game in ten against the Orlando Magic. Milwaukee struggled last night against the Miami Heat so they will hope to have a better time against an improved but still struggling Orlando team.

Bucks Update

Overall things have been going pretty well for the Bucks. Despite losing last night to Miami, Milwaukee has been 8-2 since Joe Prunty took over for the team. The Bucks have been taking care of business against teams they should beat. Milwaukee currently sits at 30-24 which puts them at 5th in the Eastern Conference.

Bucks Player to Watch: Khris Middleton

The Bucks as a team were not great offensively against Miami, but Khris had the worst night of the Brew City 3. Middleton only had 14 points which took him 14 shots to achieve and once again struggled against an above average team. Hopefully last night was a blip, but we have seen this phenomenon too many times this season. The maybe All-Star snub will look to rebound against an Orlando team that struggles to defend.

Magic Update

Orlando has not had a good season overall, the team has one of the worst records in the league and seem to already be looking towards next season by sending off Elfrid Payton for a second round pick. Despite that, the Magic have won their last three games and have been on a hot streak. The Magic do have some banged up players with Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic both missing games recently, and they will be out tonight along with Jonathan Isaac and Terrence Ross.

Magic Player to watch: Evan Fournier

First of all don’t ever google this guy’s name. Second, Fournier is a wing scorer that can give Milwaukee problems. With Gordon out injured, he is probably the #1 option on the Magic that Milwaukee has to keep a track of. He is currently averaging a career high 17.9 points this season and he has the potential to give the Bucks some issues. Expect a rotation of Middleton and Tony Snell to be guarding him tonight.