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The Giannis Antetokounmpo Dunk Awards Part 2

We went through half of the categories. Which dunks will win the rest?

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we were able to recognize many of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s dunks. If you haven’t read part 1, no worries, here’s the TL;DR version. I couldn’t decide what Giannis’ best dunk was so I decided to treat it like an awards show. Below were the categories and winners with the dunks linked.

So now that you are caught up, let’s get going with Part 2.

Best New Dunk: Coast-to-Coast against the New York Knicks

This dunk was one of the first Giannis dunks that got national attention. It wasn’t just the dunk that was special. Giannis was able to get the block, then dribble around the back, and finish with the now signature stretch dunk to complete it. This felt like seeing a child or younger sibling have their first big moment. Seeing sweet baby Giannis do his first Stink Face still brings tears to your eyes.

Most Disrespectful Dunk: Rookie Baptism of Jarrett Allen...again

Giannis is a very polite, pleasant young man. When he does his post game press conferences, he keeps answers straightforward. When he does name drop, it’s generally for his teammates. That said, Giannis has had two major instances of throwing shade towards his opponents. The first instance that stands out was when he looked at Demar Derozan’s stat line after game three of last season’s playoffs. The second was his poster dunk of Jarrett Allen in the first matchup of the season between the teams in Milwaukee. Per ESPN Milwaukee’s Eric Nehm, Giannis specifically called out Allen saying if Henson set a screen correctly, he could easily score on him. So how does Giannis follow it up? Well, by doing that exact play and dunking on him. Getting a dunk once? Okay, it happens when talking about Giannis. Getting called out by Giannis? Okay, that’s interesting. Getting dunked on a second time on the same play? Well, that’s just Giannis disrespecting you as a player.

Best Visual: TIE San Antonio Spurs 360/Brooklyn Nets Fake-Out Pass

I couldn’t decide which of these two dunks to pick. On one hand, Giannis just makes a 360 dunk look so effortless. Out of his dunks, this 360 against the Spurs has been among the least talked about. It’s possible that his performance was overshadowed by the debut of Eric Bledsoe. It also wasn’t Giannis’ most notable dunk of the night, as he caught an alley-oop from Bledsoe as well. Either way, this dunk should get the props it deserves. The Brooklyn dunk was also given the nod for an element of factors, including only taking one dribble from half court to hoop. The most notable moment, however, was the fake pass he performs on Shane Larkin. Legend has it, Larkin is still looking for the ball. The fake pass really makes this dunk memorable, earning it this title.

Most Viral: Tim Hardaway Jr. Funeral

I don’t know what Giannis has against New York teams, but it seems most of these dunks are against the Knicks or the Nets in this list. I think this dunk was the obvious choice for the following reasons:

  1. Giannis caught the alley-oop pass and threw it down with authority
  2. Giannis jumped over a player
  3. Giannis jumped over a player that is 6’6”
  4. Giannis effortlessly jumped over a 6’6” player while catching a bad alley-oop pass
  5. John McEnroe’s reaction.

You get the picture. This dunk was an RKO out of nowhere and almost broke the internet. I don’t think I need to go into detail how this dunk went viral. If you need more convincing, I’d suggest you Google it. THJ joins a notable group of players who were viciously dunked on which consists of Timothy Mozgov, Brandon Knight, Anderson Varejao and Kendrick Perkins; may his pride rest in peace.

Most Meaningful Dunk: Game Winner against Portland

I initially wasn’t going to have this category. It actually never crossed my mind when I was thinking of these dunks in the first place. However, I saw OjaB had put this suggestion in the comments:

The dunk in question was the game winner against the Portland TrailBlazers. Earlier in the game, Giannis missed some free-throws that hurt Milwaukee late in the game (Frank Madden, if you are reading this, I apologize for possibly ruining your day with that remembrance). In the final seconds, Giannis stole the ball from C.J. McCollum and got this dunk which gave Milwaukee the lead. Giannis would later get the game-winning block to seal the deal. Giannis scored 44 points and dedicated the win to his father who had recently passed.

So that will conclude our Giannis Dunk Awards. There will be plenty of time, and plenty more Giannis dunks to add as he continues his career in Milwaukee. We hope you enjoyed and feel free to add your own favorite Giannis dunks in the comments.

  • Most Jaw Dropping: Free-Throw Dunk/Double Clutch
  • Most Disrespectful: Jarrett Allen poster the sequel
  • Most Meaningful: Game winner against Portland
  • Most Vicious: Near poster of Rudy Gobert
  • Most Viral: Hurdle over Tim Hardaway Jr
  • Best Poster: Serge Ibaka
  • Breakout Dunk: The Windmill
  • Best Visual:TIE Spurs 360 dunk and Fake pass against the Net
  • Best New Dunk: Coast to Coast against the Knicks