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Open Forum: NBA Trade Deadline

The deadline is scheduled for 3:00pm (Eastern) on February 8th.

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NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at New York Knicks Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Brew Hoop Open Forum. With the NBA Trade Deadline inching closer and closer, we wanted to open up the comments section to talk about what’s going down league-wide. What’s happening around the NBA? What rumors have you found that are intriguing (or baffling)? What Bucks angles do you want to consider? Just like the Night Shift, this is the place.

So far, the NBA Trade Deadline has been somewhat calm for the Milwaukee Bucks, despite making a move to shore up their frontcourt depth by exchanging Rashad Vaughn and a protected 2nd round pick for Tyler Zeller. Previously, the team got in on some early action by swapping Greg Monroe and a protected 1st round pick for Eric Bledsoe. The latter deal made the team stronger in the short-term, while the more recent one will likely have a far lesser impact overall.

Still, with just over 24 hours remaining until the deadline, general manager Jon Horst is getting involved with any opportunity to make the team better:

The Bucks have been active in conversations with teams around the league all season. Some of that has been a natural offshoot of Horst being in his first year as a GM and taking every opportunity to build relationships. Milwaukee’s front office has also spent months working to gauge the value of players — both on opposing rosters as well as its own.

And it’s not like the Bucks are the only ones making calls. Rather, they’re getting calls about their players, too. With a team stocked with young talent and multiple players on team-friendly contracts, those calls are bound to come.

Then again, the Bucks have already made two trades, and both already included picks that will restrict their ability to include draft considerations for quite some time. It isn’t reasonable to expect the Bucks to get involved in a third deal before tomorrow afternoon...but then again, the first rule of Bucks fandom is to never trust the Bucks.

This post will remain open to discuss any interesting trade deadline themes or threads. As a general rule, non-Bucks (and even non-basketball) topics are permitted in an open thread, provided that they follow the SB Nation Community Guidelines.