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Five Questions with Golden State of Mind

We reached out to Golden State of Mind for their thoughts on the Warriors ahead of tonight’s matchup

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After coming up short against the LA Clippers, the Milwaukee Bucks have a tough task against defending champs, the Golden State Warriors. We were able to have Jannelle Moore from Golden State of Mind and answer a few questions about the Warriors, their season, and why the Bucks play them tough. If you want to see the full preview for tonight’s game, click here.

1. With the injury to Steph Curry, do you believe the Warriors will try and get him back by round two or take a slower approach?

The Warriors will take a slower, more conservative approach and get him back for the second round. Two years ago, it seemed as if the Warriors rushed Steph back. He was on the court when he needed two extra weeks of rehab. Steph was fortunate against Portland and was pushing himself against the Thunder. To get his knee ready for those games, Steph went through treatment to get his knee feeling good enough to play and then the games inflamed the ligament. With each game, the approach became less effective. The Warriors don’t want to go through that again, so they will ease him back during the second round.

2. Who do you believe is the biggest hurdle in the Western Conference?

While Houston is playing phenomenally well and OKC is a tough squad, neither one of those teams are the Warriors’ biggest hurdle. This is going to sound arrogant and sound like a “hot take” when I say this but it’s not my intent. The Warriors’ biggest hurdle this year are themselves. It is why they are now the second seed in the West. There have been games that the Warriors should have won but didn’t because they either took their foot off the gas when they had a lead or they played like trash from the opening tip and could not recover. There been games where the Warriors played down to their opponent and end up losing. I understand that this group’s been to the finals for 3 years and you’re not going to lock in for every game, but at the same time the focus and discipline must be there. The Warriors really haven’t had the focus nor the discipline much this year.

Now with the injuries, its like they’re forcing the Warriors to focus more and not take this season for granted. Obviously, the Warriors have an embarrassment of riches and talent and it’s easy to take the season for granted. The Warriors are learning the hard way that the season counts when it comes momentum and building good habits to take with them in April.

3.How long do you believe this Warriors dynasty can last?

The Warriors dynasty will last as long as Joe Lacob and Bob Meyers are willing to pay to get some complimentary pieces around the four core guys. Klay already said that he wants to remain a Warrior. I don’t foresee Draymond going anywhere. It’s all a matter of getting players that will compliment the four all stars. Realistically, I would say the dynasty would last at least three or four more years.

4. Milwaukee has always given Golden State a fight the last two seasons, is there any particular reason that you notice?

The Bucks hustle on the glass. Rebounding has been a issue with the Warriors for the longest. Part of it is size but the other part is EFFORT. Sometimes the Warriors are getting beat on the glass is not much about size as it is about effort. The Bucks hustle regardless but it just seems like you guy kills us with rebounding and points in the paint.

5. Besides Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is the biggest threat on the Bucks?

Giannis is incredible and obviously, there’s no answer for him. Other than Giannis, I believe Eric Bledsoe is someone who can frustrate the Warriors also. In January’s game, he shot 3/5 from deep. Very aggressive offensively. He and Brogdon were solid that night. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two play like they did before. The Bucks have heart and hustle and I have no doubt that this game will be competitive.

Thanks to Jannelle and Golden State of Mind for taking their time to answer our questions. Be sure to check out Jannelle and her other colleagues work at Golden State of Mind, the SBNation site for the Golden State Warriors their twitter account is @unstoppablebaby.