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Three Bs: Evaluating the 2017-18 Milwaukee Bucks

NBA: All Star Game-Team LeBron at Team Stephen Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It was a disappointing season in a number of ways, but as the players clear out their lockers and prepare for their own offseason, they’ll be doing exit interviews with the team. It’s important to review what you did, and see if that can tell you anything about the future We want to do our own, and so we welcome you to Brew Hoop’s first crack of our 2017-18 Milwaukee Bucks season player evaluations.

For this series, we wanted to look at each current Buck and explore three areas: what they do that helps (Boon), what they do that hurts (Bane), and whether they ought to be on this team (Belonging) going forward. I also had a cool logo featuring a trio of Bs, but got a “cease and desist” notice from a lawyer wearing $200 flip flops. Oh well.

We’ll be publishing a piece focusing on each member of the active roster (Sorry, Xavier Munford and Marshall Plumlee) every day starting on Tuesday, going in reverse alphabetical order. That means the order will be:

  1. Tyler Zeller
  2. D.J. Wilson
  3. Jason Terry
  4. Tony Snell
  5. Jabari Parker
  6. Shabazz Muhammad
  7. Khris Middleton
  8. Thon Maker
  9. Brandon Jennings
  10. John Henson
  11. Matthew Dellavedova
  12. Sterling Brown
  13. Malcolm Brogdon
  14. Eric Bledsoe
  15. Giannis Antetokounmpo

We’re also going to give each player a brief snapshot of their per-36 minute stats from basketball-reference, as well as where they rank amongst their positional peers (and if they rank high enough, their overall placement in the league). However, the nature of the Three Bs is entirely subjective and emotionally-driven, meaning we’re going to try to rely less on stats and more on feel. Hopefully that means that the #analysis in this series can be taken with a grain of salt, but we can also gauge the general emotional disposition of fans towards each player.

This is but a part of our season wrap-up coverage, but be sure to let us know what you’re looking for in the comments and on Twitter.