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Brew Hoop Night Shift: May 26th, 2018

Welcome to the Brew Hoop Night Shift. Every evening at 9:00pm (central time), this all-purpose thread goes up, and the comments section is where it’s going down. What Bucks news did we not cover? What topics do you want to break down further? Or is there something non-Bucks that you want to bounce off of one another? Even something non-basketball? This is the place.

Tonight’s (on) topic: Rockets-Warriors

This one is pretty obvious, but the basketball world is prepped for what could be a lackluster game six in Golden State with Chris Paul out with a hamstring injury. The Rockets are on the precipice of unseating the presumptive Goliaths, but it seems far fetched they could pull it off without their second best player. Here’s hoping they manage a miracle and we get a little fresh blood in the Finals.

Tonight’s (off) topic: Tour buses

We’ve all seen them before. The hop-on, hop-off cartoonishly colored buses that dot every single tourist city one travels in. Personally, I can’t stand the thought of having to listen to someone make poor jokes over a megaphone while being whisked around the city, but I know some people love the convenience. I’m a bit jaded since one rolls down my street about every five minutes in the summertime, but I digress. Is this your favorite way to scout out a new city? Or do you prefer to pick your spots and make your own way there?

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As a general rule, non-basketball topics are permitted in an open thread, provided that they follow the SB Nation Community Guidelines.