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A WESC By Any Other Name: Naming Rights Deal Close for Bucks Arena

Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Four Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There is not yet ink on paper, but apparently the Milwaukee Bucks are nearing a major milestone in the preparation of opening their new arena next season. No longer is the arena known just as the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center. Courtesy of the Milwaukee Business Journal, say hello to Fiserv, a... (furiously Googles) provider of financial service technology!

They’re on the NASDAQ! They’re based out of Brookfield, WI! Are you excited? You bet you’re excited. This is exciting! Tell the people how excited you are!

...hold on. What’s that? ...Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting a shocking update to this story, because...

It’s not Fiserv after all! Who will it be? Stay tuned, I guess!

No matter who the sponsor turns out to be (many thought that Harley Davidson would be in the mix by now), getting a major corporate sponsor is just another step along the way to bidding farewell to the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The non-basketball operation benefits from the revenue, so sponsorship is generally a good thing for the franchise. Who do you want to have their name and logo affiliated with the Bucks? Or are you like Eric, asking if the name really matters?