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Monday Morning Media Roundup: June 11th, 2018

The “DRAFT SZN” Edition

NBA: All Star Game-Team LeBron at Team Stephen Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Evil Empire Golden State Warriors are your 2017-2018 NBA champions. Woo hoo.

Now that that sham of a NBA season is over, we can finally clear our minds of past disappointments, choler-raising mistakes, and whatever the hell the Jason Kidd era was. Your Milwaukee Bucks have a new coaching staff, a star player and a first-round draft pick outside of the lottery. That's right, it is officially NBA draft season.

In lieu of that fact, this week we'll begin with some draft resources, highlight Khris Middleton's recent trip to Europe, and join Giannis on his food tour of America.

Let's roundup!

The Ringer’s 2018 NBA Draft Guide (The Ringer) & The Stepien's 2018 NBA Draft Rankings (The Stepien)

Now that the Finals have come to a close, it is time for all of us to switch gears fully to the upcoming NBA Draft. We here at Brew Hoop have already been putting together the Community Draft (which we strongly encourage you take part in!) and have some in-depth prospect reviews coming, but we're only scratching the surface of NBA Draft coverage.

That's where the above two links come in. Both have a good amount of base information about nearly all the probably draftees and will serve you as a starting point on your adventure to convincing yourself that, yes, that 6’8” guard from Northern Montana University is the next Bucks savior.

Happy drafting!

Bucks’ new deal with Fox RSN worth $200M (Sports Business Journal)

The revolution in NBA broadcasting deals is now moving from the national level to the local, and the Bucks have just gotten in on the flow of TV money.

With ratings up across the board to their highest values in nearly a dozen years, the deal should end up being a net positive for both sides. For the Bucks, they increase their revenue from somewhere in the high-teen millions up to an average of $30 million annually, and for FOX Sports they gain the rights to broadcasting one of the NBA's brightest stars (a fact made more important in light of the reported Disney-Fox sale discussion of the past months)

Talking hoops up with NBA star Khris Middleton in Copenhagen (CPH Post)

A short conversation between Khris Middleton and Eric Maganga on the occasion of Khris's arrival in Denmark as part of a NBA Junior camp. There's not much that's groundbreaking in here (you'll be shocked to find out Khris is emphasizing becoming a better player this offseason), but it is notable that Middleton appears set on building a slightly increased profile for himself abroad. Between this trip to Europe, his own basketball camps, and his upcoming role in the NBA Africa game, Khris is on a full-scale PR campaign.

I, for one, eagerly greet our incoming Danish fans!

Giannis Antetokounmpo is reviewing snacks on his Twitter account (SB Nation)

It is the story that has dominated NBA social media for the last week: What will Giannis Antetokounmpo eat next? He started with corndogs and a throwback to one of his most seminal career moments:

From there Giannis moved on to red Kool-Aid and now Funyuns. We're at a cliff-edge right now regarding what snack is next up, though I'd like to imagine a Culver's Concrete Mixer is somewhere down the pipe.

Here's hoping Giannis doesn't show up to training camp 100 pounds overweight and toting a grab-bag of Lay's chips and Ho-Hos.

From the Social Media Realm


Our own Mitchell Maurer had his own retort to the above tweet:

Aussie National Team jerseys featuring Thon Maker and Matthew Dellavedova coming to an online marketplace near you:

#DellyDunks are now a thing:

Khris got bars:

Day 2 #Copenhagen : @zinhdfilms

A post shared by Khris Middleton (@k_mid22) on

This is, by far, the oddest clique of players I could have imagined hanging out in LA:

There ain't much of consequence to wager on this week, so I'll simply settle for a quick preview of what we've got coming up this week at Brew Hoop: An in-depth coverage piece about whatever junk food Giannis ate this week, a long-form proposal as to what draft strategy the Bucks should be utilizing less than two weeks from now, and a potpourri of draft prospect previews.

For now, we've got another week of... not much. You could watch baseball, but you're probably better off eating yourself into a food coma alongside Giannis and waking up disoriented for the draft next week.

Happy Monday!