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2018 NBA Draft Night Open Thread

Come chat about the reaches, the steals and if Milwaukee will draft a competent player at 17!

2016 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

It’s finally that time. Fasten your butts on those couches, open whatever your preferred livestream program is to replace ESPN’s audio and let’s talk some 2018 NBA Draft. There’s plenty of intrigue still to unfold at the top, with Sacramento’s incompetency shrouding the second pick in a bit of mystery (it’ll probably be Bagley), but there’s no telling what Vlade may do. From there, question marks abound as to the fate of Luke Doncic, Mo Bamba, how far might Trae Young slide and most importantly, who will Jon Horst select in his second draft night ever.

He spoke to the media this week and mentioned his “home run” pick as an immediate impact player with room to improve and grow in the future. So basically a basketball player. There was little insight to glean from that interaction, but mentioning “trading out” twice within that conversation was about the only thing that caught my ear. Is it possible Milwaukee may dangle their pick for a contributor on another team (I hear you Kemba Walker stans) or could they trade out and get some sucker GM to give up a valuable future draft asset. Personally, I’m hoping the latter, but let’s all find out together.

Enjoy the draft and happy commenting! We’ll have an additional post up soon after the pick is made for everyone to gravitate towards for discussion.