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Brew Hoop Night Shift: June 24th, 2018

Welcome to the Brew Hoop Night Shift. Every evening at 9:00pm (central time), this all-purpose thread goes up, and the comments section is where it’s going down. What Bucks news did we not cover? What topics do you want to break down further? Or is there something non-Bucks that you want to bounce off of one another? Even something non-basketball? This is the place.

Tonight’s (on) topic:

Yeahhhhhh... Enes Kanter is not the former New York Knicks big man I want the Bucks to target this off-season. Give me Kyle O’Quinn and Kyle O’Quinn only.

I would have also been cool with Mike Muscala, but he opted in with the Atlanta Hawks. I have no purely basketball reason to justify my wanting of Muscala, I only want him on the Bucks because he played for Bucknell in the Patriot League and I have a soft spot for the small, northeastern NCAA conferences.

Which free agent(s) do y’all want the Bucks to target this off-season?

Tonight’s (off) topic: Laundry Detergent

When I do laundry, I pop in a Tide Pod into the washing machine. I used to be on Team Liquid Detergent, but I could only take so many times of getting sticky hands from the detergent dripping from the cap and spilling onto the detergent bottle itself. The pods are so much easier to deal with. Do we have any other Tide Pod believers in the house?

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As a general rule, non-basketball topics are permitted in an open thread, provided that they follow the SB Nation Community Guidelines.