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Monday Morning Media Roundup: June 25th, 2018

The "Big Ragu” Edition

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

“The Big Ragu”. That's right, the newest member of the Milwaukee Bucks has a nickname fashioned from one of the most forgettable pasta sauce brands in America. I can't tell if that's a sign I should be reducing my expectations, or if I should be boiling some spaghetti. Either way, Donte DiVincenzo was Milwaukee's man at pick #17 in last week's NBA Draft.

Many of my Brew Hoop compatriots have put in plenty of work rounding up everything we can find on the internet about DiVincenzo. I won't try to steal the shine off their excellent work, and instead have found a couple of under-the-radar pieces about draft night drama, Greek assistant coaches, and more.

Let's Ragu!

From War Rooms to the Green Room: Behind the Scenes of Thursday’s No. 16 Pick Chaos (Sports Illustrated)

While all the news after the selection would make it seem Milwaukee was dead-set on getting Donte DiVincenzo at #17, it appears GM Jon Horst was actively involved with a number of teams lower in the draft order for potential trades.

Per SI's Jake Fischer:

Maybe that kind of move interests you, maybe it doesn't. However, if the Bucks were in position to nab 19 and 30 from Atalanta, it wouldn't be crazy to wonder if there is a bit of validity to the Hawks pulling out on a trade thanks to Woj & Co.

Vangelis Angelou to join the Bucks Summer League coaching staff (Eurohoops)

Since the close of the draft, a number of NBA Summer League teams have been taking shape, and that includes the Milwaukee Bucks. Part of that is determining the staff who will run the team for Mike Budenholzer, and it looks like one of the assistants will be Vangelis Angelou of the Greek team Aris Thessaloniki.

I'll wait to see if anyone has a scouting report on Mr. Angelou, but it is interesting to see an international unknown brought into the fold. One might wonder whether there are future plans to bring Angelou onto the coaching staff since the departure of Sean Sweeney to the Detroit Pistons.

Will Giannis Stay With The Bucks? (Sports Illustrated)

*cues up “Hello Darkness My Old Friend” gif*

This discussion is painful, but it is probably helpful to go into the remaining seasons of Giannis's current contract with eyes wide open. In an age where stars can make ever more money outside of their playing contracts, the “supermax” advantage the Bucks would have trying to retain Giannis Antetokounmpo may lose its relative luster. Once that reality sets in, Bucks fans may have to brace themselves for a future of sadness and disappointment.

2018 NBA Draft Profile: Donte DiVincenzo (VU Hoops)

Who better to get a feel for the game of Donte DiVincenzo than from Villanova superfans? The folks over at VU Hoops put together a primer on Milwaukee's newest player.

As is to be expected from a pro-Villanova group, the image painted by Billy Vinci is generally pretty rosy. While DiVincenzo may never become an above-average NBA starter, he seemingly has the shooting and athleticism to at least have a legitimate chance at carving out a role in his rookie season. So go now, and bask in the glory of The Big Ragu’s scouting profile.

PS - We're hoping to have a conversation with members of VU Hoops this week to get a more in-depth explanation for how they see Donte fitting in Milwaukee's squad. Stay tuned!

From the Social Media Realm


For the (video)gamers out there:

Also shocked to see Giannis starting something with John Hammond's protege, Mo Bamba:

Hey, a whole bunch of Summer League players confirmed!

Finally, pure joy from Giannis and his brother Kostas Antetokounmpo. Good luck in Dallas, Kostas!

We've got a special announcement to make here at Brew Hoop. These days, there's seemingly a podcast for everything: Camembert cheese, competitive knitting, and the physics of credit cards, to name a few. Once, long ago, Brew Hoop also took part in poorly thought-out bloviating, though the site podcast eventually withered to dust.

No longer.

This week, we will be bringing back the Brew Hoop podcast, and it will be just as misinformed about basketball as you can expect. We humbly ask that you join us on our journey as we answer Bucks basketball's biggest questions. What the hell is a “Ragu”? Will Tony Snell take more than 15 shots this season? Can Giannis actually fly?

Until then, we wish you, as always, a...

Happy Monday!